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Dominic Cummings’ 250-page paper attacks fear of elitism and waste of billions of pounds, and calls for slimmed-down ministry.
He says farmers were made false promises by MP's before the election.
Britain’s financial services sector should be ready for a no-deal Brexit when a transition period with Brussels expires in December, a senior European Union official said on Wednesday.
The Government said that all checks would be carried out by British officials with no role for the EU's authorities.
Britain’s chief negotiator, Sir David Frost, told a select committee hearing a decision will be made at 'leader level' next month.
Brussels wants UK to commit to human rights in writing as condition of trade deal.
Despite the best efforts of a cross-party coalition of MPs to stop the ‘shutdown’, Wednesday marked the end of the successful Virtual Parliament proceedings in the Commons.
Further evidence will be demanded that EU nationals have been living in the UK legally – even after settled status awarded.
UK set to lose access to Schengen Information System that police across continent use to stop criminals.
British envoys may be deploying a combination of indignation and stubbornness.
The figures were released by the Office for National Statistics.
As part of a new strategy to protect nature in the European Union, three billion new trees will be planted across the 27 member states.
Local emergency services face being ‘burnt out’ by no-deal Brexit planning, a leaked government report has found.
Government Failing to Take Adequate Steps to Ensure Right to Food
UK proposals for implementing Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland deserve detailed scrutiny. No doubt the Commission will soon oblige! Below = some first thoughts from me (moving from the general to the specific) pending more critical reading & cross-checking ...
Leaked report warns local disaster planning already exhausted by coronavirus crisis
Union and consumer groups warn post-Brexit trade policy must hold food imports to same standards as UK.
British trade experts have warned that the UK’s demands for a “Canada-style” Brexit trade deal with the EU are ‘unrealistic’.