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FINGERPRINT checks set to be introduced on the EU border could cause significant disruption to holidaymakers, industry experts have warned.
A direct ferry link between Rosyth and Belgium would revive Scotland’s ties with Europe after Brexit, the SNP conference heard.
Now that the United Kingdom has officially been out of the European Union for well over two years, many people, particularly the younger generation, have been seriously considering their position on this tiny sceptred isle, and have started to look further afield as the once abundant amount of opportunities dries up in front of our very eyes.
Over 6,000 checks have now been carried out on British goods by Belgium’s Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) since January 2021.
Flanders Investment and Trade reports that a record number of foreign investment projects were launched in our region during 2021. Many these came about due to the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU.
A record number of foreign investment projects were launched in Flanders in 2021, including many as a result of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.
The British Embassy in Belgium has made a final appeal to Britons to apply for their new M card by 31 December, the deadline facing all UK nationals registered as living in Belgium before 1 January 2021.
British companies are moving their European bases to Belgium to manage the challenges posed by Brexit and are now trading with the EU from there.
Brexit has resulted in Wallonia receiving almost €358 million in investments, while 539 jobs have been created in the region since the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.
According to figures released by Flanders Investment and Trade 81 companies have invested in Flanders rather than in the UK since the United Kingdom left the European Union. Above all companies involved in transport and logistics, sales and marketing, telecommunications and electronics and chemicals have been opting to make investments here rather than in the UK.
The conflict between France and the UK over fishing licences post-Brexit continues to escalate.
Fourteen countries likely to take tough stance in future talks about fisheries if access to UK waters does not improve.
From January, a new four-times a week service will link Cork direct to Belgium and Holland.
The image of empty shelves is being incorrectly linked to Brexit. Carrefour's supply chain has been hit amid a strike at its logistics provider.
While Brexit continues to deliver more empty shelves for consumers, more carnage to our food and fishing sectors and more chaos to the people of Northern Ireland, the eternal sunshine of our international trade secretary’s spotless mind continues to deliver more doses of what seems like good news for faithful Leavers.
10,000s of British expats in Europe have less than a month to avoid becoming undocumented migrants.
Belgium’s ambassador to the UK, Bruno van der Pluijm, has urged British business to consider his country as its post-Brexit gateway to the EU.
"We have been able to reduce our exposure to the adverse consequences of Brexit by opening an 80,000 sqft warehouse in Belgium in Autumn 2020 which is fulfilling a large proportion of our core ranges and fastest moving lines required for stores in Mainland Europe."
A survey of garden centres in Flemish Brabant has found that many of them are currently suffering from a shortage of flowers, trees and plants for sale to their green-fingered customers.
Brexit resulted in a sharp fall of Belgian exports and imports in January, the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) reported on Monday.
Transfer to Brussels of securities deposits follows shift of share trading away from UK.
A British-owned supermarket chain supplying expats in Belgium with a taste of home is being forced to turn to Irish companies because of difficulties getting goods from the UK since Brexit.
A specialist supermarket selling British produce in the EU is struggling to keep food on its shelves because of post-Brexit supply problems.
British supermarkets that have stores in Europe are facing supply problems because of post-Brexit rules on exports to the EU. It's affecting fresh produce at 20 Marks and Spencer stores in France, Morrison's in Gibraltar, and a chain of UK supermarkets in Belgium is on the verge of closure with no deliveries since December.