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Bruno Le Maire is the French opposite number to chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng.
From his days stoking anti-European Union sentiment with exaggerated newspaper stories, to his populist campaign leading Britain out of the bloc and reneging on the post-Brexit trade deal he signed, outgoing U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been the bane of Brussels for all so many years.
‘Personally, I won’t miss him,’ says French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire.
French finance minister Bruno Le Maire has told the BBC that leaving the single market after Brexit has made the supply chain crisis worse for the UK.
“Now that Brexit is finalized, financial institutions have warned us that they intend to pursue their staff-relocation plans to Paris.”
London is currently Europe’s leading financial centre but the French authorities dream of seeing Paris in the lead.
The sale of British Steel to Chinese firm Jingye could be scuppered by French intervention.
France is preparing for the worst as the clock ticks down to Brexit, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said. / "You can't be out of the EU and getting all the benefits of the single market."