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The [Yellowhammer] documents themselves outline that there are risks to the supply of medicines - but do not set out the detail of how those risks have been mitigated, and what doctors and patients should do to plan for the possibility.
Doctors are warning that a no-deal Brexit is likely to delay the supply of flu vaccines, at the same moment that "a particularly virulent" strain of the illness is on its way to our shores.
Health leaders have written to Boris Johnson issuing new warnings on the impact of a no-deal Brexit.
In the run up to Brexit, we’ve written to the Prime Minister, along with 16 other health organisations, calling for healthcare to be at the heart of EU exit negotiations.
The government's lack of clarity over how the UK's immigration system will work after Brexit could leave the NHS spending up to half a billion pounds per year on international recruitment, explains RCP president-elect Dr Andrew Goddard.