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Modelling projects 29-mile queues from potential delays caused by new digital controls, says trade body.
Under new rules introduced on January 1, 2022, freight carriers now have to perform more extensive checks at the UK-EU border and this means that exporting goods to Europe can take longer at the checkpoints.
But over the course of the year, a crisis, fuelled by the decision to leave the European Union, has been steadily, stealthily, stretching its tentacles around many of the services and products we expect and rely on.
With less than a fortnight to go before the end of the transition period, lorry drivers face huge delays on their way to the border.
Leaving the EU single market and customs union will bring new friction and red tape for food importers
M20 backlog caused by French authorities testing post-Brexit checks at the Eurotunnel
A new report from the National Audit Office reveals the range of possible issues from 1 January 2021.
Deal or no deal, British companies will have to confront a wall of bureaucracy that threatens chaos at the border if they want to sell into the world’s biggest trading bloc when life after Brexit begins on January 1.
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps warned of "a risk of some additional friction at the border".
Operation Brock to cause major disruption around M20 despite likelihood of extension from EU.
Portsmouth and Dover have done what they can to prepare for no deal but say latest funding will make no difference
Boris Johnson, the front-runner to be Britain’s next prime minister, has raised the prospect of a shock for the world’s fifth-biggest economy by pledging to leave the European Union on Oct. 31 without a transition deal if necessary.
The NHS has said it will cancel blood donation sessions in Dover and Folkestone for two months while Britain exits the EU.