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The major Finnish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, has published a long piece entitled “The Sixth Nordic country”. It’s about Scotland. Finnish readers learned that “gradually England and Scotland have been drifting apart, almost like tectonic plates,” and asked the question whether, after independence, Scotland’s new friends “could… be found from Finland and other Nordic countries?”
Alviina Alametsä is a Green Party MEP from Finland. She took up her seat only in February 2020, after it was vacated by a departing UK MEP.
On a recent afternoon in Helsinki, a group of students gathered to hear a lecture on a subject that is far from a staple in most community college curriculums.
None of the EU27 have expressed support, but not all have actually shared their opinions on the new proposals.
Boris Johnson decision to suspend parliament sends shockwaves around the continent.
Britain's vote will be delegated by power of attorney to Finland.
The ‘overwhelming majority’ of member states want the 2050 target included in the EU’s strategic agenda.
Higher education chiefs, struggling with uncertainty and challenges in regulation and funding, look to soften blow of EU exit.
Alexander Stubb, former Prime Minister of Finland, and Komal Sri-Kumar, founder and president at Sri-Kumar Global Strategies, examine the process of Brexit negotiations.