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Boris Johnson was responding to SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford's call to respect the convention that UK legislation which affects Scotland should have Holyrood's consent.
The SNP leader in the House of Commons tells Boris Johnson his plans are unworkable, unacceptable and undeliverable. He says that if the Northern Ireland assembly can have a veto on the Brexit plans, Scotland should get one too.
Jeremy Corbyn insisted there is nothing new in the plans sent to Brussels this week.
SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford was accused of 'defeatism and pessimism' by the new PM.
The SNP’s Westminister leader Ian Blackford refused to back down after calling Boris Johnson “racist”, which caused uproar during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.
Opposition day debate picked for motion backed by SNP, Lib Dems, Greens and a Tory MP.
Labour has tabled a cross-party motion to try to stop a future prime minister pushing through a no-deal Brexit against the wishes of MPs.
The SNP’s leader at Westminster said the Government will cut EU student visas to three years and that this would have a negative effect on people studying in Scotland as Scottish university courses often run for four years.
Politicians from all parties have urged the Prime Minister to give the public the final say over Brexit at the Put it to the People march in London.
THE BBC has, for the THIRD time in two days, cut off its coverage of a key Brexit debate just as the SNP's Ian Blackford stood up to speak.
The SNP has launched a bid to delay Brexit by three months to prevent the UK from being “dragged off a cliff”.
The DUP's Sammy Willson was attacked by SNP and Green MPs over the comment.