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Richard Corbett, former Labour MEP, linguist, author and fluent and well-informed speaker will explain the background to Boris Johnson's Brexit deal and discuss the fallout. There are numerous consequences of Brexit which are not receiving sufficient publicity. Leaving the EU came at a huge cost to the UK economically, culturally and in terms of our standing in the world.
Some seem to believe that Labour should now “move on” and ignore Brexit, hoping it won’t be an issue anymore. They are wrong, for three reasons.
Brussels’ former top law officer has rubbished Boris Johnson’s extraordinary plan to sabotage the EU and make it ‘no longer legal’, arguing it makes no sense.
Group of MEPs writes to Electoral Commission over reports of ballot paper delays. / The Electoral Commission has been asked to permit late postal votes for the European parliament elections to be counted as reports continue of many British nationals living abroad receiving their ballot papers too late to return on time.
Last week, economist Roger Bootle wrote a piece for The Telegraph entitled We cannot be fooled by the myth of EU economic success. I have taken the liberty of reproducing it here and correcting and commenting upon many of the inaccuracies that the piece contained.
A generation of young people could desert the party, says Richard Corbett, leader of Labour MEPs.
Theresa May gave a speech in Grimsby today ahead of the second “meaningful vote” on her Brexit deal in Parliament on Tuesday. Below is the text of her speech, with my comments inserted in red.
If you were told that 80% of our laws were imposed upon us by an unelected foreign bureaucracy, you would of course consider it to be a democratic outrage. If, on top of that, you heard that it cost us millions of pounds per day for the privilege, you would probably be apoplectic. Yet this is exactly what certain politicians and several newspapers repeat again and again to the British people.
First published in 1990, for more than a quarter-century this has been the premier textbook on the European Parliament. This new 9th edition - the first for five years - has been fully updated and expanded, including all the familiar features and all recent significant developments.
Instant analysis of news headlines / Straight answers to common questions / Evidence-based tabloid myth rebuttals / Detailed statistics about the EU’s impact on the UK
One of the most frequently repeated lies about Europe is to say that, when we joined the EU, ‘we were told we were only joining a free-trade area’ and ‘no-one told us that it was more than that’. / Britain actually left a free-trade area, EFTA, to join the EEC.
One such is the crippling impact that Brexit could have on UK based charities, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and international aid organisations ...
Currently, some 55% of total UK farm income comes from CAP support. If we don’t want to see a massive decline in our farming sector and an end to some much loved landscapes, replacing that in some way has to be a top priority.