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The government is being urged to quickly get a grip of teething problems with a new post-Brexit IT system that has left lorries unable to get into the UK.
A prominent Irish politician has said there is “more to come” amid Wales being increasingly bypassed by Irish-French sea connections.
Diverting trade from Wales a ‘consequence of Brexit’, says Irish Foreign Minister.
Wales is being increasingly bypassed as Irish-French sea connections reach 44 with a new terminal in the ferry port of Dunkirk.
Two weeks into Brexit, problems are mounting and recriminations are flying in all directions. The reality of Brexit is proving every bit as toxic as the four-and-a-half-year slog that got us to this point.
UK traffic is down 49% for the month, but European freight is up by 446% year-on-year, with "unprecedented demand" for the new direct services which opened up since 1 January between Rosslare and the continent.
Southeast port boosted by fivefold increase in freight in January on continental sailings.
The majority of lorries travelling from the UK to the EU via Calais and Dunkirk have nothing in them, suggesting that trade has been significantly disrupted since Brexit.
More ferries are to sail directly from Ireland to the European mainland in a move to circumvent the traditional trade route over mainland England and Wales.
Danish shipping line to run daily service to French port from Rosslare.