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Brexit will hit trade in services between the Republic and UK irrespective of the outcome of current talks, according to all-island professional body Chartered Accountants Ireland.
This is the most chilling explanation of what Brexit will do to the UK economy after December. By @AdamPosen, President of the Peterson Institute for International Economics.
Business groups have variously described a 22-minute call with the prime minister and the Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove as "terrible", "disappointing" and "more of a lecture".
The legislation begins its passage through the House of Lords on Monday and is likely to be heavily amended.
Britain has been told to prepare for a no-deal Brexit when the transition period ends on 1 January 2021, after trade deal talks reached an impasse.
The outcome being pursued by the prime minister in the Brexit trade talks will not avoid costly friction at the border.
Lucrative services sector cannot prepare for potentially huge new obstacles to trading in the EU – because it is ‘not sure what to prepare for’.
The government will not be able to conclude a large number of trade agreements at speed and maintain its much-prized regulatory autonomy after Brexit. The report says prospective trading partners are likely to tell the UK to change its standards if it wants a trade deal.
Inquiry hears of massive extra costs, a mountain of red tape, shrinking investment and chemicals ‘disappearing’ from UK market.
The idea that Britain can leave the European Union and maintain frictionless trade with the bloc of 27 countries is officially dead.
Maybe it has not been explained often and simply enough why there won't be frictionless trade - even with a trade agreement. So let me try to do this: WHAT IT TAKES TO HAVE FRICTIONLESS TRADE - AND WHY WE WON'T HAVE IT WITH THE EU EVEN WITH A TRADE DEAL (thread)
Proposed procedures for importing and exporting of goods are “convoluted, expensive and will seriously hamper trade with other countries”, says BMPA.
The border has dominated Irish thoughts on Brexit. Amid the political tensions, several English voices have called for Ireland's dependence on UK trade to be used as leverage in negotiations. Are they right?
Digby Jones made the claim on Twitter at the weekend when discussing the impact of a no deal Brexit.
Is it a vindication of the economic merits of Brexit and a symbol of the clout of ‘global Britain’? The short answer is no.
Changes coming to Amazon’s European fulfilment services when the Brexit transition period ends on 31 December will have a significant impact on many UK and EU sellers.
Tony Abbott was given a top role as UK trade ambassador despite widespread disquiet about his controversial views.
Brexit secretary David Davis has been mocked for claiming that Britain can secure a free trade area that's "10 times the size" of the European Union. / Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder pointed out that this would actually be 1.5 times bigger than the entire world economy.
Most of our trade (57% of exports and 66% of imports in 2016) is with countries we have EU trade agreements with, not under WTO rules.
Now, the country risks becoming an also-ran, losing its easy access to the huge EU common market, unable to strike a groundbreaking deal with the United States and on the brink of a trade fight with China.
UK and European negotiators are meeting later today for yet another round of Brexit trade talks.
PM vowed to ‘take back control’ – but dithering has handed advantage to countries on other side of the table, Institute for Government says.
Pascal Lamy, who was director general of the WTO, between 2005 and 2013, said there was a stark choice for the UK between 'minor' and 'great' trade relations with the country’s largest trading partner.