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The agreement is equivalent to roughly 2 per cent of business with the bloc.
Theresa May's Brexit deal has been defeated by MPs and the UK is creeping closer to leaving the EU without a deal. But how does a no-deal Brexit actually affect you?
CIVIL servants are looking at "funding streams" to support Northern Ireland farmers in the event of a no deal Brexit disrupting cross-border trade in milk and other commodities.
As our prime minister and the no-deal zealots of his cabinet revel in Brexit brinkmanship it is worth recalling the legal realities of what threatens to be our post Halloween world.
As a European Union member, the UK is automatically part of about 40 trade agreements which the EU has with more than 70 countries. If the UK leaves the EU without a deal it would lose these trade deals immediately - worth about 11% of total UK trade.
America Letter: Congress members voice support for backstop and Belfast agreement. / This week the issue of Brexit made it across the Atlantic as members of US Congress voiced their concern about its impact on Northern Ireland.
"Desperate" Britain is "delusional" to expect a favourable trade deal with the US, an ex-Obama advisor has warned, as Dominic Raab seeks to "fire up" the UK's trade relationship with North America.
The Trump administration has made it clear to Boris Johnson that any post-Brexit US-UK free trade deal would rely on Britain dropping plans to tax large American tech firms, according to reports.
Boris Johnson moves into 10 Downing Street on a promise to deliver Brexit within months. However, German business leaders have urged him to avoid a disorderly Brexit. Trade between the two countries is already falling.
Andrew Percy attacks ‘cack-handed’ move to scrap import tariffs if UK crashes out in October – triggering Ottawa’s refusal to ‘roll over’ existing EU deal.
As Britain prepares to carry out its own trade negotiations for the first time in decades, the government has launched a scheme to recruit and train school-leavers as future commerce experts.
Mercosur has been the most significant initiative for a deeper and more constructive integration in South America. Despite the fact that it is mainly known as a common market, its contribution to social stability is absolutely notable.
Whether for inward investment, exports or tourism, Germany is a top five country for Ireland with potential for much more.
The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is one of the key priorities of Africa´s Agenda 2063 and a flagship project for the continent. Signed by 49 African countries and ratified by 14 countries so far, it needs 8 more ratifications to enter into force.
The European Union (EU) and Vietnam on Sunday signed a long-awaited free trade deal that will slash duties on almost all goods, an agreement that pushes back against a rising tide of global protectionism and hailed as a "milestone" by Brussels.
“I’ve always argued that the only way you can get frictionless trade is to actually be in the Single Market.”
For supporters of Boris Johnson, it’s doubly useful to pretend that international trade rules offer a free pass to a painless Brexit.
But it won’t be straightforward to go it alone, and politicians should carefully, and candidly, set out the actual benefits of an independent trade policy.
FORGET visas, cheap Europe trips and free trade. There is one fear that dwarfs all others for Australia, and it’s looking more likely as Brexit turns sour. / GLOBAL security, trade and the stability of the international system could take a body blow if Britain crashes out of the European Union (EU) in a bitter “no deal” scenario.
Boris Johnson, the front-runner to be Britain’s next prime minister, has raised the prospect of a shock for the world’s fifth-biggest economy by pledging to leave the European Union on Oct. 31 without a transition deal if necessary.
The EU has in place, or is negotiating, trade agreements with countries and regions around the world.
Most forms of Brexit will worsen the country’s finances and reduce space for new initiatives to address child poverty, social care and left-behind communities that some argue drove the Brexit vote, a report has found.
Either Boris Johnson is trying to bamboozle the public with jargon or he just doesn’t get the basics of how global trade works. Both are bad omens for the man who is likely to be our next prime minister and tasked with navigating a way through the Brexit mess.
Mark Carney debunks the counterfactual claim made by leading Brexiters, including Boris Johnson, that Art. 24 of GATT allows for continued free trade with the EU after a no deal exit.