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Union and consumer groups warn post-Brexit trade policy must hold food imports to same standards as UK.
This note provides some basic statistics on the UK's trade with the EU.
The world moved a step closer to a free-for-all in international trade as Robert Azevedo, World Trade Organisation (WTO) director general, announces he plans to quit with over a year to go on his four-year contract.
As EU and US negotiations continue, how many deals have been made and what proportion of UK trade do they cover?
Trade commissioner suggests Britain is planning to blame Covid-19 for Brexit 'fallout'.
As the June extension deadline looms, the prime minister’s priority will be to minimise damage to his personal brand and legacy.
The American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham-EU) published a cross-sectoral position paper on Tuesday turning the screw on the UK Government’s hard-line negotiating stance. Although it urges both sides to “work to mitigate disruption as much as possible”, the paper deals a devastating blow to Britain’s present strategy.
'American companies in Europe support a deep and comprehensive economic partnership between the EU and the UK'
"While it is clear that ambitions have changed with respect to the past, AmCham EU calls on negotiators to seek an ambitious and comprehensive future partnership. We support a deal comprising zero tariffs, zero quotas, and zero barriers. Any deal should maintain regulatory alignment where possible ..."
Theresa May’s former deputy says public and business realise coronavirus should be the priority.
This technical note was transmitted to theEuropean Parliament and Council on 30 April 2020. Published on the UKTF website on Thursday 30 April 2020
The Irish Government believes the office would be a reflection of the EU's 'ongoing support' for the peace process.
UK has made little progress on new infrastructure needed for checks Boris Johnson signed up to.
UK refuses request from Brussels for Northern Ireland presence for second time.
Identify customs tariffs, tariff rate quotas, trade remedies, regulatory requirements and preferential regimes applicable to your product.
Rules determining the country of origin of traded goods for the purpose of implementing the terms of a trade agreement re tariffs, quotas and remedies.
Should the aim be limiting damage or designing a bold future? / Japanese negotiators remain skeptical about the U.K.’s ability to handle multiple FTA negotiations simultaneously / What is evident, however, is that no country wants to conclude a definitive trade deal with the U.K. without knowing the final shape of the EU-U.K. partnership.
While European businesses are increasingly more confident about investing in ASEAN, the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is creating uncertainty for some business prospects according to a recent survey by the EU-ASEAN Business Council.
Industry leaders fear trading will be harder and more costly without comprehensive deal.