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Labour accuses government of ‘litany of lies and falsehoods’ as calls for corrections are ignored.
Channel 4 is currently owned by the Government and receives its funding from advertising.
THE government’s sale of Channel 4 could be “revenge” for the station’s “biased coverage of Brexit” and “personal attacks on the PM,” a senior Conservative MP has claimed.
A senior Conservative MP has suggested the government is privatising Channel 4 as “revenge” for its coverage of Brexit.
“Let's celebrate having something we already had!," one actor exclaimed after Boris Johnson and Nadine Dorries boasted about free roaming.
Many in the arts will look at 2022 with trepidation. There are still many issues with the Brexit deal from 12 months ago.
Only Spain has signed agreement, leaving artists mired in ‘mountains of red tape’ – with pressure on new Brexit minister Liz Truss to change course.
The government has dumped Brexit from its ‘Festival of Brexit’.
As part of our special edition looking at five years since the EU referendum, Alastair Campbell looks at the silence of the Leavers.
Steve and Chris record a pilot of their new podcast, CakeWatch. Issues covered: Nadine Dorries and misogyny; a weaponised civil service; Customs Union cakeism; the BBC; and #lieoftheweek coffee protectionism.