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With a potential trade war looming, Conservatives are stuck in an ever-more destructive disagreement over what Britain should look like outside the EU.
Rather than starting a trade war with the EU, the UK needs to forge a practical and constructive relationship.
The reality that Leavers are facing is that the promised benefits of Brexit are hard to achieve while the costs are hard to avoid.
Brexit is forecast to do more permanent damage to the economy than Covid. But this self-inflicted wound can be healed.
Lord Adonis, the Labour former cabinet minister, was a guest speaker alongside David Gauke, the former Conservative cabinet minister, for the event held to mark five years since the EU referendum, which was hosted by our chief political commentator John Rentoul .
Brussels suspicions come as European commission chief warns Britain to abide by Northern Ireland protocol.
Sir John Major will tonight call on millions of young people to use their votes to derail Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans in an extraordinary general election intervention.
'I believe the trade experts', says ex-treasury minister David Gauke - pointing to consensus rejecting claims of rapid new deal.
Ex-justice secretary calls for people to ‘vote for the centre-ground’ to avoid hard Brexit.
Former Tory justice secretary David Gauke says MPs were promised a vote to avoid a second no-deal Brexit 'trapdoor'.
David Gauke warns of 'an unnecessarily high economic price' - while Amber Rudd highlights less 'support for the economy' than Theresa May's doomed deal.
David Gauke also warned No 10 should not use tactics and language echoing those of Donald Trump.
Tory rebel says Boris Johnson would face instant legal challenge if he sought loophole. / The former justice secretary David Gauke has said ministers cannot bypass a new law to force Boris Johnson to seek a Brexit extension despite fears the government has found a loophole to ignore it.
Rory Stewart says more cabinet ministers could follow Amber Rudd in resigning.
The government is trying to "purge" Tory rebels who oppose it over Brexit, ex-Justice Secretary David Gauke says.
Former justice secretary accuses prime minister of plotting snap general election.
Boris Johnson could withdraw the whip from Tory MPs who vote to block no-deal Brexit. But today the rebels faced him down - in a move that risks a historic split in the Conservative Party and the country.
Warning comes as EU's chief negotiator says he is 'not optimistic' about avoiding a no-deal departure.
Former chancellor leads group of 20 Tories voicing concerns. / Philip Hammond has told Boris Johnson that leaving the EU without a deal would be a betrayal of the referendum result, as the former chancellor led a group of 20 Conservatives making clear their opposition to crashing out on 31 October.
PHILIP Hammond, Rory Stewart and David Gauke have quit ahead of Boris Johnson entering Downing Street.
Probable PM told he is on collision course with parliament unless he drops hardline agenda.
Prominent no-deal critic says crashing out of EU would lead to national ‘humiliation’.
Chancellor joins David Gauke in saying he could not work for leader seeking a no-deal Brexit.
Tory members in justice secretary’s South West Hertfordshire constituency reject motion.
Justice secretary wins two-to-one.