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As we recover from the pandemic, the impact of Brexit – which we voted resoundingly against in Scotland – is becoming clearer by the day.
THE average household energy bill in the UK is set to increase by at least £600 by the spring, energy and consumer groups have warned.
Continuing the letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg, reminding him – he seems to need reminding – of the many new opportunities created by Brexit.
Boris Johnson has refused to cut VAT on fuel bills amid a huge rise in the cost of energy, despite promising ahead of the EU referendum that Brexit would allow him to do so.
As Johnson and Gove back off their pledge to scrap VAT for fuel, EU structural funds are not being fully replaced.
"The first rule of Brexit Club is you don't talk about all those "benefits" you mentioned 5 years ago..."
Britain has been outside the EU’s legal regime for a year and has faced a number of impacts.
With fuel and energy costs rising in the UK compared to the EU, a handful of quotes from Brexiteers championing the supposed fall of such prices if the public voted to leave have resurfaced.
Comparing the stories encouraging people to vote to leave the EU to those we've seen in recent weeks paints rather a bleak picture.
The UK is facing chaos. With supplies of some key goods becoming scarce, the military have been called in. Is Brexit to blame?
Next boss, thinktanks and unions criticise Boris Johnson, saying ‘shortages cannot be blustered away’
The Prime Minister has used the Tory conference to downplay the societal and economic impact already being felt around the UK by leaving the European Union.
US and European media give their verdict on the fuel, food and labour crisis they say is caused by Brexit
Britain’s fuel crisis is more likely to be the result of the “shoddy post-Brexit transition” than the aftereffects of the coronavirus pandemic, France’s state broadcaster has said.
Lines of cars snake from gasoline stations. Fights break out among angry motorists trying to get fuel. Grocery staples are out of stock on store shelves. A charity warns that doubling heating bills will force a million households to rely on extra blankets to stay warm.
More than a third of executives cite Brexit as the ‘primary cause’ of the fuel crisis, a sign that a business backlash looms at the Conservative Party conference.
Lord Frost’s comments will come as the UK continues to feel the effects of a fuel crisis and staffing issues linked to the departure from the EU.
Lord David Frost will declare 'the long bad dream of EU membership is over' amid punch-ups on petrol forecourts, empty supermarket shelves and warnings thousands of pigs will be dumped in skips.
PM’s remarks come as Liz Truss insists it’s the role of business, not ministers, to resolve such problems.
The British government is warning that the country’s fuel crisis is likely to last for another week. Gas stations across Britain have had to shut down because a lack of truckers has caused huge supply difficulties. As special correspondent Malcolm Brabant reports from Brighton, on the southern coast of England, the problems appear to be one of the side effects of Brexit.
At gas stations, there’s fuel rationing and hours-long lineups. At the supermarket, there’s sometimes no milk or meat, and warnings that Christmas turkeys may be unavailable – along with Christmas trees and many popular toys. Building materials are so scarce that construction sites have shut down.
Nigel Farage was firmly put in his place after he shared his frustration about the current fuel crisis in the UK on Thursday.
ANGUS Robertson has said that Brexit is the "biggest single factor" in the UK's supply chain crisis.
EMPTY SUPERMARKET SHELVES, queues at petrol stations and pumps running dry is far from what one would expect from Britain in 2021.