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Dairy UK, the processor-led organization representing farmer-owned co-ops and private dairy companies, has expressed concern over the UK government’s trade deal with New Zealand.
This is how New Zealand TV is reporting the Brexit trade deal with the UK / They visibly can't believe their luck that British farming has been made the "sacrificial lamb" for a deal hugely beneficial to NZ with "negligeable benefits for UK farmers who get nothing in return"
Farmers have warned of "huge downsides" to Boris Johnson's new trade deal with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.
The UK's former permanent representative to the EU suggests that post-Brexit trade deals with New Zealand and Australia contribute little to the country's finances.
Lord Debden says agreement ‘completely at odds with everything the government has promised’.
"Last month we joined consensus on the formation of a working group to negotiate the UK’s accession to CPTPP. Other economies will be able to join CPTPP too. CPTPP is our highest quality agreement. Those aspiring to join will have to be able to meet its high standards."
New Zealand meat exporters are losing patience over their inability to get product into Northern Ireland after Brexit.
The UK and New Zealand are close to a trade agreement but experts have dismissed it as making little difference to British consumers.
The UK left the EU at the end of 2020, and according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics, Brexit has already led to a significant slump in trade between the EU and the UK... / Brexit supporters endorsed the idea of CANZUK – an alliance between the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Otto English dissects the disadvantages that a free trade agreement between the two countries would bring to the UK.
Brussels and Delhi tipped to open talks on free trade agreement within days – while UK admits ‘shared intent to begin work’ only.
It is easier for the EU to import lamb from New Zealand than from Wales because of Brexit, MPs have been told.
Deals to ensure UK can go on trading with non-EU countries after Brexit transition must be laid before parliament by Wednesday.
‘‘It raises in to question whether we should be signing a free trade agreement with a country that has demonstrated it will not necessarily honour an international agreement it has signed.’’
New Zealand is "very frustrated" with the pace of post-Brexit trade talks with the UK, the country's deputy prime minister has said.
New Zealand has protested at the lack of progress in talks over a post-Brexit trade deal, insisting the UK is not “match-fit” for negotiations.
When great powers fail, New Zealand and other small states must organise to protect their interests, Robert G. Patman writes.
A selection of videos from New Zealand showing their government's view of Brexit and its consequences.
Everyone is fishing in the same pond. Stocks built up in readiness for Brexit are having to be replenished. If another pandemic strikes, we’ll hardly be in the best position to get through it.
New Zealand now stands between the United Kingdom and its hopes of entering the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (CPTPP).
'The Brexiters have no more idea in private than they do in public about what they are doing. Predictions based upon their concealed intent project on to them a competence they simply don’t possess.'
Dozens of countries fear Boris Johnson is hindering reappointment of secretary general.
The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020. Find out what it may mean for New Zealand's primary industries.