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Boris Johnson ‘shredding trust’ with three breaches of international law, former top diplomat warns.
Former UK diplomat reveals that foreign secretary made dismissive remark in 2019.
A former British diplomat, who was Boris Johnson's Brexit counsellor in Washington, has spoken of her dismay and anger at his administration’s attitude to the Irish border question when he became Prime Minister in July 2019.
A FORMER British diplomat said one government minister dismissed the risk of a no-deal Brexit on Irish firms as only affecting "a few farmers with turnips in the back of their trucks".
Alexandra Hall Hall says UK ‘damagingly’ downplayed impact on NI peace process.
1998 Good Friday Agreement ‘a historic achievement that we should protect’, says Blinken.
As the EU finally ratifies the Brexit trade deal, attention shifts to some major loose ends.
Event delayed after UK refuses to grant EU ambassador same privileges as other diplomats.
Ivan Rogers, former UK ambassador to the EU, says prime minister will think ‘history was going his way’ if Donald Trump is re-elected
The UK may no longer be an EU member but, as the current health crisis shows, cooperation continues to be essential.
A UK diplomat in charge of Brexit at the British embassy in the US has quit.
Alexandra Hall Hall said her position had become 'unbearable personally and untenable professionally'
A senior British diplomat in the US has quit with a blast at the UK government over Brexit, saying she could no longer "peddle half-truths" on behalf of political leaders she did not "trust."
Critics say No 10 move to quit bloc’s institutional structures leaves UK blindsided. / British diplomats will pull out from the EU’s institutional structures of power in Brussels within days, under plans being drawn up by Downing Street.
New questions have emerged over leaks of confidential UK diplomatic cables criticising Donald Trump after a 19-year-old Brexit activist was revealed to be the person who obtained them.
Outgoing high commissioner in Singapore says Britain seen as divided and ‘careless of truth’. / Scott Wightman, Britain’s outgoing senior diplomat in Singapore, has said Britain is now seen worldwide as a country beset by division, obsessed with ideology and careless of truth.
Peter Ricketts says current negotiations will come to look simple as next phase takes hold. / The next stage of the Brexit negotiations are going to make the current mess look like a simple affair and will tie up the civil service for years, the former national security adviser and head of Britain’s diplomatic service has warned.
The government has spent $15.9m (£12m) on a luxury apartment in New York for a British diplomat working to negotiate trade deals with the US.
The State Department announced Monday that "effective immediately," the department will resume its recognition of the European Union's diplomatic representation in Washington...
Dmitry Grozoubinski, a former diplomat and trade negotiator at the World Trade Organisation, and Shanker Singham from the Institute of Economic Affairs, whose work is often cited by Brexiteer politicians, discuss tariffs.
Diplomats suggest Britain’s leverage on world stage will be weaker after EU departure. / Brexit is already leading to a “palpable decline” in British influence at the UN, and that influence would be in freefall but for the UK’s commitment to spend 0.7 % of gross national income on overseas aid, a study has found.
Ex-ambassadors and high commissioners say UK is weakened by ‘fiasco’. / More than 40 former British ambassadors and high commissioners have written to Theresa May warning her that Brexit has turned into a “national crisis”...