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Customs expert warns that open border between tariff regimes was an invitation to smuggle.
Leaked papers obtained by the Guardian show extent of fundamental objections Brussels has raised.
David Sterling’s comments come as report says 40,000 jobs are at risk in region.
With Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnson saying the UK “must” and “will” leave the EU on 31 October, a no-deal Brexit looks increasingly likely. But what could a no-deal exit mean for all of us?
THE Garda Commissioner says additional policing will be needed to patrol the border in the event of a hard Brexit.
A previously confidential government study detailing 142 areas of life in Northern Ireland that will be impacted by Brexit has been published, revealing risks to everything from cooperation on congenital heart disease and cross-border child protection to rules preventing the looting of national treasures.
Buying a ham sandwich in Derry and walking across the Border to eat it in Donegal could be illegal from Saturday week, an act of smuggling. As could that family weekly supermarket shopping trip to Newry from Dundalk.
Local firms worry border closure and duties will lead to smuggling and chaos.
Tariffs will be cut to zero on 87% of imports to the UK as part of a temporary no-deal plan but prices of some imports including meat, shoes, underpants and cars will go up.