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The government – led by Boris Johnson – needs to rethink its approach and put the national interest above Brexit ideology
The former Intelligence and Security Committee chairman speaks of his “frustration” and “anger” over the Russia report not being published last year.
Failure to establish key scrutiny committee is also criticised as ‘unprecedented underhand behaviour’.
No 10 to target judicial reviews brought ‘for political motives’ to ‘restore trust’ – but a leading critic fears ‘a monstrous attack on the courts’.
Sir John Major will tonight call on millions of young people to use their votes to derail Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans in an extraordinary general election intervention.
Prime minister intends to ‘change the scope of the royal prerogative and become a dictator’ campaigner Gina Miller suggests.
Russia's influence reaches deep into the British establishment and successive UK governments have turned a blind eye to it, lawmakers were warned, according to multiple sources familiar with testimony given to a parliamentary inquiry.
Exclusive: parties will step aside for each other in 60 seats to give single pro-remain candidate a free run.
‘This must not be allowed to happen again,’ committee chair says as parliament dissolves.
We had access to highly classified info. / Report is ready. / Redactions agreed. / PM has received report (17/10): signing off a formality. / What no.10 has said is a lie. / "Quite simply whopping untruths."
PM is delaying publication of report assessing threat posed to UK, says Dominic Grieve.
Dominic Grieve says Brexit must be "defining issue" of snap December general election.
Johnson’s chief of staff lied to media about drafting of Benn act, Grieve says at PMQs.
An angry Dominic Grieve has branded the accusation 'a lie' - and blamed Dominic Cummings.
A former Tory MP has revealed that he received a death threat while travelling to the Conservative Party Conference.
"What he was saying was, ‘You do as I say and you won’t be subject to death threats'"
Boris Johnson's government has suffered another humiliating Commons defeat, as MPs ordered the release of internal communications between the prime minister's top advisers over the decision to suspend parliament.
Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson will suspend Parliament for more than a month before Brexit, enraging opponents and raising the stakes in the country's most serious political crisis in decades.
Tory MP accuses Boris Johnson of demagoguery adding it was not unexpected ‘given his track record’. / Dominic Grieve has accused Boris Johnson of “behaving like a demagogue” and said the UK prime minister’s rhetoric has led directly to him receiving death threats.
Guto Bebb, an ex-minister, says quitting EU without an agreement would cause "generational" harm.
"We agree that our common priority should be to work together in parliament to prevent no-deal Brexit."
Focusing only on constitutional battles risks playing into Downing Street’s ‘frame that MPs are frustrating rather than protecting democracy’, strategy note says.
Rebel MPs are working on a plan to thwart Boris Johnson pursuing a no-deal Brexit on 31 October that involves forcing parliament to sit through the autumn recess, amid growing outrage about the power and influence of his controversial aide, Dominic Cummings.