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The course of Brexit was set in the hours and days after the 2016 referendum. / It was at 6:22 a.m. on June 24, 2016 — 59 minutes before the official tally was unveiled — that the European Council sent its first “lines to take” to the national governments that make up the EU.
In the words of another current cliché, UK science is already ‘world-beating’. But researchers are concerned that ministers’ plans may put that status in jeopardy as MARTIN MCQUILLAN reports.
Pascal Lamy, who was director general of the WTO, between 2005 and 2013, said there was a stark choice for the UK between 'minor' and 'great' trade relations with the country’s largest trading partner.
Tory leadership hopeful is wrong to suggest UK could have tariff-free trade with the EU following a no-deal Brexit, says international body’s chief.
The man who used to run the WTO says the EU single market, set up by Margaret Thatcher, is ‘the top league’.
Kirsty Wark interviews Pascal Lamy, former EU trade commissioner and former director general of the World Trade Organisation.
Pascal Lamy, who is now president emeritus at the Institute Jacques Delors, discusses the UK's plan to exit the European Union.
Pascal Lamy less than subtle with his hand gestures and eye-roll on live TV.
Labour’s proposal may not be as simple as it seems: a customs union is favourable but comes with downsides.
Pascal Lamy claimed a no-deal Brexit would make “no sense” in a “world that is globalising and integrating”.
Britain leaving the EU with no deal would be "extremely bad" for both parties, the former head of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has said.
Pascal Lamy likens customs union to second division and WTO terms to fourth division.
What kind of trade arrangements could the UK negotiate with the European Union after leaving? Newsnight's James O'Brien was joined by former Director-General of the World Trade Organisation Pascal Lamy, and Vote Leave's Andrea Leadsom to discuss.
Pascal Lamy, former director general of the World Trade Organisation and EU commissioner: Michael Gove today was “pie in the sky” / “you export less, you produce less. You have less trade, less exports and less jobs.” He said: “The notion that you exit the EU tradewise with no price is simply a lie”