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Having cut Britain adrift of Europe, Brexiters are indulging in an old fantasy about a new national role in the world—as the hub of a far-flung Anglosphere.
We didn't see that on the side of a bus back in 2016. A prominent pro-Brexit campaigner now says leaving the EU 'is part of the long game'. / We seriously doubt voters would have been so enthusiastic to back the Leave campaign had this been one of their taglines. Alas, even some of the most fervent defenders of Brexit are now trying to change the goalposts.
Today Liz Truss poured cold water on a potential deal, saying she doesn't foresee any negotiations taking place any time soon.
When I worked on the Vote Leave campaign we all thought getting a deal would be much simpler. But now the fundamentalists are pretending the fault lies anywhere but with them.