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Fresh from scandals and an attempted ousting, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s latest plan is to tear up key parts of a post-Brexit agreement on Northern Ireland he made himself less than three years ago.
A bipartisan US congressional delegation is due to meet Irish premier Micheal Martin in Dublin.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi takes aim at UK over stance on Northern Ireland protocol.
The United States will delay its deal to remove tariffs on UK steel and aluminum because of concerns about post-Brexit trade rules affecting Northern Ireland, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday.
A former British diplomat, who was Boris Johnson's Brexit counsellor in Washington, has spoken of her dismay and anger at his administration’s attitude to the Irish border question when he became Prime Minister in July 2019.
The Speaker of the US House of Representatives discussed the Northern Ireland Protocol with Johnson in Downing Street.
The Speaker of the US House of Representatives said today that a breakdown in the talks over the Northern Ireland Protocol would be “problematic” for a post-Brexit UK-US trade deal.
Richard Neal condemns decision to extend grace period for customs checks between NI and Britain.
Nancy Pelosi among those to highlight the issue, while UK representative says he hopes it is a case of ‘quality over quantity’.
“This is a clear red line for us.” / Congressman Brendan Boyle says “there will be no US-UK trade deal - period” if the UK government moves forward with the Internal Market Bill.
Democrat candidate does not feel ‘particularly warm’ towards Brexiteers, says former chancellor.
UK PM Boris Johnson had been wildly happy about his new EU exit deal; then he introduced a law undermining both it, and the last round of trade negotiations. Speaking with two former permanent secretaries of the UK’s EU exit department, Matt Ross asks whether Johnson is applying firm leverage – or deliberately sabotaging the trade talks.
Mr Raab goes to Washington, Mr Miliband goes to town on Mr Johnson in another busy, busy Brexit week. Europe Editor Tony Connelly, London Correspondent Seán Whelan and Deputy Foreign Editor Colm Ó Mongáin look at the continuing external waves being made by the Internal Market Bill and go-slow negotiations.
Presidential candidate says any US-UK trade deal must be contingent upon respect for agreement.
Dominic Raab faces backlash over Irish border and attempts to leave EU on own terms.
Nancy Pelosi has warned the UK there will be "absolutely no chance" of a trade deal with Washington passing Congress should the government override the Brexit withdrawal agreement signed by Boris Johnson.
Legal action is also reportedly being considered by Brussels, and a top Democrat has warned a UK-US trade deal is at risk.
Britain must ‘respect the Northern Ireland Protocol as signed with the EU’, House speaker says.
‘I can’t believe that any side would be acting in such a cavalier way when we're talking about a fragile peace in the North of Ireland’
Ministers ‘must not be allowed to sidestep their responsibilities,’ says Sinn Fein MP.
The Chairman of the US House of Representatives' Ways and Means Committee has issued a fresh warning that there will be no trade deal between the US and the UK if Brexit leads to the return of a hard border.
If Boris Johnson seriously believes the US will shower rewards on Britain after leaving the EU he is mistaken.
The US Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer has sent a letter to the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warning that he will strongly oppose any US-UK trade deal that undermines the Good Friday Agreement or facilitates a return to a hard border.