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Unchecked, unbalanced and channelling an unsavoury populism, a prime minister that I’ve helped to keep in check in the courts could soon be free to do whatever he pleases
World View: Far-right populists have quietly shelved their EU exit policies amid Brexit.
Democracy is a fragile creation, and the Yale professor and historian of fascism Timothy Snyder should know. / His best selling book, ‘On Tyranny’, offers some practical and political advice for resisting authoritarianism. Professor Snyder had the American reader in mind when he wrote it. But can we learn anything from his work?
Yale History professor Timothy Snyder says some of today's politicians have learned propaganda techniques from twentieth century fascists.
Chris is back from Tashkent with a head full of musings. How badly does the EU want the UK to leave? Quite badly, he thinks. Steve sort of agrees. But this week's unicorn chaser is the imminent collapse of the Bannonite populist project on both sides of the Atlantic. Steve sort of disagrees.
The rousing music, red-white-and-blue colours and soaring camera angles of this clip seem awfully familiar
Boris Johnson is poised to become prime minister thanks to a small, unrepresentative population of Brexiteer voters bent on destruction.
Donald Tusk hails "pro-EU majority" in European Parliament after populists under-perform expectations. / Seeing Britain's botched attempt to leave the European Union has vaccinated other EU countries against euroscepticism, the president of the European Council has said.
Ex-Scottish Labour leader to focus on restoring faith in fact-based politics.