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There's little talk of reversing the decision, but evidence of Brexit-induced harm is piling up.
As Prime Minister Boris Johnson prepares to depart Downing Street, tossed from office by his own party, his legacy — the opening lines of his eventual obituary — will call him the man who “got Brexit done.” / So how is that going? What can be said about the post-Brexit Britain that Johnson is leaving behind?
Using imperial measurements alone is illegal in many circumstances. But the EU did not outlaw their use altogether, and the UK did take some steps towards adopting the metric system prior to joining the EU.
The idea of Brexit as a force for reordering British society expired with Boris Johnson’s resignation speech, Peter Thal Larsen says.
A "perfect storm" of Brexit, covid and poor macroeconomic fiscal policies by the Conservatives has weakened Britain's economy and diminished the UK's standing in Europe, says economist Duncan Weldon.
While the picture’s hardly pretty and certainly not what advocates of Brexit envisioned, none of it surprises economists. As a former Bank of England official observed: “You run a trade war against yourself, bad things happen.”
Supermarket chief slams move aimed at pleasing ‘small minority who hark for the past’. / Arts minister Stephen Parkinson gave incorrect answers when Kay Burley asked him to convert ounces and grams into pounds.
Has anyone got any genuine reasons why imperial is better than metric, I asked. I got more than 2,000 replies.
Tory peer Lord Rose criticises ‘backwards’ proposal as business department launches 12-week consultation.
Leaving the EU was supposed to enable innovation, not tedious headline-grabbing.
Business minister mocked for ‘ludicrous’ attempt to quantify ‘Brexit benefit’.
Continuing the letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg, reminding him – he seems to need reminding – of the many new opportunities created by Brexit.
The madness of bringing back measurements no-one understands and most of the world does not use.
Government’s Brexit push to bring back Winston Churchill’s favourite champagne measure met with indifference.
Some in government would now like to see Britain’s imperial measurements make a comeback. As part of a review on EU laws still in place after Brexit, the government plans to remove a ban on selling goods using only imperial units.
Pounds and ounces could make a return to your local greengrocer and butcher under a change to EU rules after Brexit - but Labour branded it a distraction from benefit cuts.
The newly created Taskforce for Innovation, Growth and Regulatory Reform has identified more than 100 ‘Brexit dividends’.
The Brexit brigade is still going on about bendy bananas and the return of imperial measures. But it is a strategy born of ignorance or – worse – panic.
Just in case a Brexit vote today marks the beginning of the end of the euro-myth, we celebrate the most inventive red herrings of all and judge just how truthful they were.