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Derek Twigg, of the Falkland Islands APPG, said there had ‘been a lot of concern’ over the impact of Brexit on Falkland Islands fishing exports.
Brexit has “brought problems” for the Falkland Islands’ fishing industry, a Labour former defence minister has warned.
Scotland’s farm-raised salmon is renowned across the globe and here at home for being one of the most nutritious and sustainable products we can eat.
Fishermen overwhelmingly supported Brexit, and it came back to bite them. / There was a vast disparity between the promises made by the pro-leave campaign to British fishermen and the fisheries deal that was ultimately struck.
Salmon farmers in Scotland are calling for action to ease the burden of export paperwork following the UK’s exit from the European Union.
“No part of the angling industry has remained unaffected by Brexit,” said Angling Times tackle editor Mark Sawyer. “The dream of Brexit sadly hasn’t been a reality for the angling trade, and while there are other issues such as the pandemic and shipping costs, Brexit has been an exacerbating factor.”
Fishing tackle and equipment retailer Angling Direct announced on Wednesday that its new European distribution centre was now fully operational, and shipping to customers across the European Union.
An island nation must trade with its nearest mainland, whatever our new Brexit opportunities minister claims.
As you may have noticed Jacob Rees Mogg Esquire – as no doubt he would style himself – has invited the public to submit suggestions on the theme of ‘Opportunities of Brexit’. I could not resist replying. Could I possibly suggest that you, after reading this, do the same?
Benefits to the UK fishing industry from Brexit are falling far short of the government rhetoric, according to analysis by researchers from the University of York, the New Economics Foundation, the University of Lincoln and ABPmer.
UK minister for science and research George Freeman has admitted that vital EU funding for research is in limbo while the nation continues to negotiate Brexit sticking points, namely Northern Ireland and fishing rights.
One year after Brexit, Scotland’s fishing industry is still mired in chaos, leaving many businesses fearing for their future as deliveries to Europe continue to be snarled in costly red tape and delays.
“The entirely avoidable Brexit crisis has had as much of an impact on UK businesses as the unforeseeable Covid-19 tragedy, and its costs are still rising."
France has put the UK on alert that it could start legal proceedings if there is no further movement on post-Brexit fishing licences.
We’re still only seeing the start of the changes Brexit will bring to the seafood industry (and, in truth, the entire food and beverage sector). In the coming years, there will be continual changes as we adjust our operating model and there’s no clear view on when it will settle down.
‘We’re pretty much in the same position as we were before. Maybe we’re a little worse off’
THE UK Government has been accused of “throwing the fishing sector on the “scrapheap” with “paltry” schemes to compensate for Brexit losses.
Britain has been outside the EU’s legal regime for a year and has faced a number of impacts.
"This industry in Hull, they've sold it down the road, there is nothing for them now." / The owners of Hull's last deep sea trawler have warned the vessel may be sold or moved abroad after a new fishing deal with Norway which they say makes their business unviable.
The owners of the UK's biggest trawler have described a new government deal to win back fishing rights following Brexit as "too little, too late".
Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit trade deal with Australia will damage the UK’s agriculture and food sectors by hundreds of millions of pounds, according to the government’s own impact assessment.
Post-Brexit free trade deal will cause a ‘reallocation of resources within the economy’ including a £225m hit to semi-processed food, the Government’s own impact assessment says.
Paris is to ask the European Commission to open post-Brexit litigation proceedings against Britain over a long-running dispute on fishing licences for French boats in British waters.