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Lance Forman, who was a Brexit Party MEP, seemed to forget about a time not so long ago when things were not going so well post-Brexit.
Lance Forman, a former Brexit Party member of the European Parliament, said that the UK government should compensate the seafood industry for Brexit-related disruption.
Lance Forman claimed he "believed in free movement", and called the EU "crazy" for "restricting" it.
A Brexit Party MEP has tweeted a video of himself trying to use EU Parliament voting machines and appearing to claim that they are rigged. / The video tweeted by Lance Forman, the Brexit Party MEP for London, shows him attempting to press the 'no' button on a voting machine.
Farage was a guest at the event alongside people who have praised Putin and spread far-right memes. The Brexit Party leader asked them for money and “all the help we can get”.
Police are investigating a possible anti-Semitic attack after a giant swastika was painted on the side of a business owned by Brexit Party candidate Lance Forman.