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Boris Johnson had previously promised to "fix" issues around visas so UK musicians could tour the continent permit-free.
Only Spain has signed agreement, leaving artists mired in ‘mountains of red tape’ – with pressure on new Brexit minister Liz Truss to change course.
"This announcement has done nothing to correct the misleading information from August"
A new survey by the Incorporated Society of Musicians and the Musicians’ Union has revealed how performers are considering moving to Europe or changing career due to the extra costs of touring after Brexit. One even said: ‘It seems a complete nightmare…As it is, we see no way to recover our pre-Brexit working schedule making survival very difficult’.
Musicians and music businesses warn of ‘time up’ for UK grassroots acts, and European orchestras being resistant to booking UK artists because of ‘paperwork and expense’.
A new study has reported that 94% of music industry workers have been negatively affected by the post-Brexit deal,
Industry figures said the government had so far done little to help ailing musicians.
Lawyers working on behalf of the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) have identified five false claims made by government ministers in regards to promises of continuing visa-free touring of the EU post-Brexit for the music and entertainment industry.
A new survey by the Incorporated Society of Musicians has revealed how the Brexit Trade Deal has been a disaster for businesses such as tour operators, instrument manufacturers and retailers as well as those involved in recording, music publishing and sale of music. One performer even said ‘the era of being a UK-based concert artist is pretty much over’.
Since the Brexit Deal (or Trade and Cooperation Agreement) came into force in January 2021, a mountain of costly red tape has prevented musicians from planning tours in Europe as performances return after coronavirus.
Lawyers have identified five false claims made by ministers for refusing to strike a deal to rescue visa-free touring of the EU, leaving performers with crippling new costs and red tape.
MA joins creative industry representatives to call for urgent action. / The current terms of the Brexit trade deal make it virtually impossible for creative professionals to work in the EU on a short-term basis.
Betrayed’ artists offered only clearer guidance on ‘the bureaucracy involved’ in performing in EU, The Independent learns – not a solution.
Today, peers in the House of Lords published a report that said the creative industries need a new agreement to resolve issues with mobility arrangements and moving goods between the UK and EU.
Labour MP says government ‘cocked up’ negotiations on touring and is ignorant of the value of music to the economy.
But an industry leader told MPs that the coronavirus pandemic offers a ‘window’ in which to resolve the issue.
Caroline Dinenage under fire for string of shaky explanations for throwing out a deal
Some of the UK's biggest music stars have written to the government demanding action to ensure visa-free touring in the European Union.
‘Standard’ proposal to exempt performers for 90 days was proposed, but ‘the UK said no’.
More than two-thirds of musicians say bookings dried up because of visa red tape and cost – even before coronavirus struck
If the coronavirus pandemic does not critically damage the British and European music industry, the effect of Brexit may finish it off.
Home Office accused of refusing to listen to £111bn-a-year culture sector – just weeks after a minister admitted government must retain free movement
Home Office pours cold water on artists’ hopes of retaining free movement between the UK and the EU.
Brexit is on the horizon – and in the ISM's latest report, research has revealed how it is having a negative effect on the music profession.