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Anglesey voted by 50.9% for Brexit but the island’s councillors have been warned that the vote could result in choppy waters ahead including cuts to public services.
Sites being acquired as part of efforts to avoid long lorry queues at ports such as Dover.
Wales is not too poor to be an independent nation. The ex-first minister of Wales believes so anyway, though others are less sure. So, how would Wales fare economically if it had to go it alone in a post-Brexit world?
Former First Minister Carwyn Jones garnered significant press coverage recently with his statement that the chaos in UK politics was driving curiosity about Welsh independence.
The "shambles" in Westminster is driving curiosity in Welsh independence, former first minister Carwyn Jones has said. / Mr Jones will take part in a debate organised by a pro-independence group at the National Eisteddfod, in August.
"For disgruntled steel workers in Port Talbot, the Brexit vote was their chance to get the people at the top — and the national media — to listen. In a bitter irony, they are also the ones who stand to lose the most from Brexit. "
The decision by an automotive business to close its site due to uncertainty surrounding Brexit was described as the “the tremor that will lead to the Brexit earthquake” in the Welsh Assembly today.
First Minister Carwyn Jones has said he will take steps to protect Welsh powers after Brexit if UK ministers do not change their EU withdrawal bill. He claimed the way Theresa May planned to bring powers back from Brussels was a "fundamental assault" on devolution.