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article facebook twitter flipboard mail icon reddit messenger-dsk linkedin vk Text size Aa Aa January has seen Brexit set in motion for real — but for many businesses, operations have ground to a standstill as they struggle to shift goods across new borders.
Hauliers carrying goods to Europe have warned they face more damaging restrictions as the latest figures show exports dropped by two-fifths in January as the Brexit transition period came to an end.
More than a quarter of the trucks crossing into the EU from the UK are travelling empty, as Brexit eats into UK export figures.
MICHAEL Gove has been accused of wilfully ignoring the facts in an effort to avoid accountability for the “long-term damage” caused by Brexit.
The Road Haulage Association has criticised Michael Gove for his lack of assistance.
Cabinet Office used ‘unverifiable data’ to rebut a Road Haulage Association survey showing export volumes dropped by 68%
Brexit has caused hauliers to become "their own customs agents" due to shortages, MSPs have been told.
DESPITE promises of sunny uplands, no Scottish companies which export to Europe have benefited from Brexit, according to industry chiefs.
The way UK Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove has been handling exports to the European Union (EU) since the Brexit transition period ended has attracted a new wave of criticism. The volume of exports made through British ports to the EU reportedly fell by 68 per cent in January compared to the same month last year, and that drop has been largely attributed to problems caused by Brexit.
MD of policy at the Road Haulage Association, Rod McKenzie, defends its survey of members suggesting major Brexit trade woes.
One of the stand out themes of the pre-referendum messaging was the idea that the UK would be able to trade more easily with non-EU countries, while having no loss of access to the EU. This doesn’t appear to be the case though.
Exports to the EU have plummeted by 68% since Brexit
Exports to the EU plunged massively last month compared with January 2020.
Truckers are trying to avoid the U.K. as Brexit red tape keeps them waiting to get to the continent.
Since the start of the year, a raft of new requirements are making life increasingly difficult for UK businesses that trade with the EU.
Five hundred meals to be given out in Kent on Saturday
Almost half of the lorries currently crossing the Short Straits from the UK to France are empty, according to data from the Road Haulage Association.
Richard Burnett, the chief executive of the Road Haulage Association, has told The Telegraph that hauliers have raised their rates for trips between the EU and the UK by almost 700% to account for disruption and difficulties finding back loads.
UK meat exporters have warned the government that post-Brexit changes at the border have caused disruption to meat shipments crossing the channel.
Hauliers in Northern Ireland have raised concerns about the competence of newly-trained customs agents offering advice to businesses.
The boss of a haulage company says he has seen journey times treble due to EU red tape and Covid testing for drivers.