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The consequences of ending the free movement of people between Britain and the EU are becoming painfully clear.
RE:ACT Disaster Response has agreed a £180,000 six-month contract with Kent County Council to ease stuck truckers’ nightmare waits to board ferries and Eurotunnel shuttles
Intense traffic congestion around Dover is partly down to “Brexit scenarios”, according to the head of the British Ports Association.
Food body warns of ‘post-Brexit perception problem’ over recurring traffic gridlock.
A 23-mile stretch of the M20 is closed amid HMRC technical problems and a ferry shortage.
Ministers urged to fulfil promise of new facilities, as desperate drivers forced to ‘s*** in bushes’.
A Tory MP has left people rolling their eyes after she blamed the EU, not Brexit, for traffic jams near the port of Dover.
Britain’s departure from the European Union has brought higher costs, more red tape and border delays for businesses, and not yet delivered promised benefits, a public spending watchdog said Wednesday.
Border checks said to have increased business costs and ‘suppressed’ trade, and the situation could worsen.
Sky News sees figures showing that the so-called Dover TAP has been deployed on 18 of the first 32 days of the year, with hauliers expressing concern that new red tape is to blame.
The Unite Trade Union claims the UK Government has showed “sheer incompetence" after a freedom of information request revealed that no monitoring of the extent of cabotage occuring in the country has taken place.
Latest Brexit red tape will come into force alongside a series of further checks at Dover and other ports.
Some types of wine and spirits may not be available unless ministers take urgent action to fix lorry driver shortage and shipping delays, say alcohol suppliers.
Business chiefs and economists say huge disruption lies ahead if Downing Street triggers Article 16.
The haulage industry has urged Boris Johnson to step up “lacklustre” efforts to tackle a shortage of 100,000 HGV drivers, telling him to act now on supply chains or face a Christmas crisis.
Waste truck drivers are being poached by other businesses, some while on their rounds.
Grant Shapps has announced policy aimed at foreign lorry drivers to help ease supply chain problems.
But Road Haulage Association says process described by prime minister simply ‘doesn’t exist’.
First it was a lack of truck drivers that crippled gas stations. Now Britain is facing a shortage of food processing workers that’s become so severe farmers have started culling 120,000 pigs.
The driver shortage for HGVs is hitting crisis level in the UK. A combination of factors (many of them long-standing) has contributed to the current situation. / Brexit has contributed too.
A leading politician has slammed the Conservatives over the HGV lorry driver shortage and claimed that Brexit has played a large role in it.
Thousands of British petrol stations ran out of fuel due to panic buying on Monday, after days of long queues at pumps caused by the lorry driver shortage. Analysts say that, in addition to Covid, the speed of the Brexit process bears a lot of responsibility for the crisis...
Gas stations across Great Britain are running dry due to a post-Brexit shortage of truck drivers. The government announced a plan to issue 5,000 temporary visas for truckers.
"Andrew, you and I know that in 2016 there weren't shortages in the supermarkets, there wasn't fuel rationing" Lord Andrew Adonis told Andrew Castle.
"#Newsnight was the first TV programme to highlight this in the summer... the government could have acted then." / As BP closes sites due to a lack of lorry drivers, the Road Haulage Association's Rod McKenzie says issues are down to Brexit, the pandemic and a historic shortage