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The EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, has been told there is "significant opposition" to the United Kingdom Government's refusal to consider extending the timetable for talks.
Fines seen by some donors as ‘just the cost of doing business’, says electoral watchdog.
The PM's EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill not only drives the hardest Brexit of all, it shuts MPs out of negotiations on the UK's future relationship with the EU
Of all the myths and falsehoods put out by this government, one of the most egregious is that leaving on 31 October means that ‘we can get Brexit done’.
FOI request from Green MP Caroline Lucas denied on grounds it would threaten EU negotiations
Furious MPs criticise ‘disrespectful’ body language during crunch debate
Parliamentarians must not allow the government to 'avoid scrutiny at this time of national crisis', MPs say. / More than 50 cross-party MPs have vowed to sit in an alternative House of Commons if Boris Johnson suspends parliament ahead of the Brexit deadline.
'You’re wishing a potentially fatal accident onto a sixteen year old girl, why?'
It is a big step to take legal action against the police, but I have joined a group of politicians in doing just that. The issue is something which strikes at the heart of our democracy: politicians breaking the law to get the results they want – in this case, the UK leaving the European Union.
Brexit is stopping us addressing important issues like inequality and the climate crisis. Westminster is fiddling while Rome burns, writes Green MP Caroline Lucas.
Legal bid driven by concerns that process had been halted by ‘political sensitivities’. / A group including three MPs has begun a legal bid to challenge police over delays to the investigation into alleged offences by leave campaigners in the Brexit referendum.
Opposition day debate picked for motion backed by SNP, Lib Dems, Greens and a Tory MP.
Labour has tabled a cross-party motion to try to stop a future prime minister pushing through a no-deal Brexit against the wishes of MPs.
Green MP Caroline Lucas says millions at risk of losing right to have their voice heard. / Nearly 8 million people in Britain eligible to vote in the European elections are not yet registered, campaigners have said as the deadline looms.
Politicians from all parties have urged the Prime Minister to give the public the final say over Brexit at the Put it to the People march in London.
Deals containing clauses that threaten human rights are being debated in parliament – they must be defeated.
The DUP's Sammy Willson was attacked by SNP and Green MPs over the comment.
If we believe in democracy, politicians on all sides must stop blaming the EU, stop accusing each other and put our faith in the public
A second referendum now looks like the only way to break the deadlock in Parliament, but it also offers a vital chance to bring the country together around what is best for the UK’s future and its young people. The Convention will prepare for what will be the most important public engagement of our times.
The simple fact is that membership of the EU has been essential for environmental protection.