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Voters were promised better-funded public services and stronger employment rights after Brexit – Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are now offering us the opposite, reports Adam Bienkov.
Brexit after Boris 31/07/2022
Boris Johnson became prime minister on the promise that Brexit would bring prosperity and pride. Did it?
Ahead of another vote in the Tory leadership race, former chancellor Rishi Sunak pledges to get rid of those pesky EU regulations and unleash Britain’s potential. Where have we heard that before?
A "perfect storm" of Brexit, covid and poor macroeconomic fiscal policies by the Conservatives has weakened Britain's economy and diminished the UK's standing in Europe, says economist Duncan Weldon.
Leaked copy of plan suggests UK will be told to match EU on workers’ rights, environmental protection and state aid
In London for LSE symposium, politicians express confusion at Britain’s post-Brexit stance
German chancellor warns of economic threat if UK fails to match EU standards.