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Since the summer MPs have been formulating plans under Standing Order 24 to take control of parliament's timetable.
Scotland's highest court has rejected calls to dismiss a case looking into the legality of Boris Johnson's Brexit extension request from the EU.
Scotland's highest court is to consider whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson has fully complied with a law requiring him to ask for a Brexit delay.
The Brexit Party leader seems to back the Benn Act after Jean-Claude Juncker suggested there would be no extension to the leaving date.
SCOTLAND'S two chief medical officers has issued a new warning of shortages to the supply of medicines in the event of a 'no deal' Brexit.
Brexit secretary says PM will obey the Benn Act if no deal is reached by the deadline.
Brexit secretary suggests PM will send letter to Brussels in absence of agreement.
Prime minister famously said he would ‘rather be dead in a ditch’ – but Brexit secretary now admits he ‘will comply’ with the law.
Glimmers of a potential Brexit deal have sparked dissent among Boris Johnson's allies, as the EU signals it may be open to another extension.
The European Commission head does not know whether Boris Johnson plans to obey the law and ask for an extension, if no deal is agreed.
Hate crime spiked during parliamentary debates around what Boris Johnson labelled a "surrender bill" aiming to prevent a no-deal Brexit.
Campaigners have argued the PM cannot be trusted to obey the law.
Commons will sit two days after EU summit as concerns build over PM’s stance on Benn act.
Union members join civil rights body Liberty in legal bid to stop PM breaching Benn act.
Former Tory cabinet minister says Boris Johnson's aide is No.10 source responsible for Brexit briefing.
MPs opposed to a no-deal exit are worried the PM might try and bypass the Benn Act.
Revelation comes after PM told Tory conference the UK was ‘coming out of the EU on 31 October, come what may’.
Boris Johnson will seek a Brexit extension from the EU if no withdrawal deal is reached by 19 October, government documents say.
Court asked to appoint official to deliver extension letter to Brussels if the prime minister refuses.
Johnson’s chief of staff lied to media about drafting of Benn act, Grieve says at PMQs.
An angry Dominic Grieve has branded the accusation 'a lie' - and blamed Dominic Cummings.
Labour claims that PM is aiming to invoke emergency powers using the Civil Contingencies Act.