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Dogmatic obsession means that Johnson won’t lift a finger to help Northern Ireland.
Unilateral extension over checks on chilled meats likely to be rejected by Brussels.
As part of our special edition looking at five years since the EU referendum, Alastair Campbell looks at the silence of the Leavers.
The prime minister has imperilled peace in Northern Ireland, and every day the economic fallout worsens.
Former Labour MP calls on government to suspend Northern Ireland protocal in Brexit deal
"Northern Ireland has much to gain from Brexit," Hoey proclaimed in 2016, a month before the referendum.
“Will he (Gove) make clear that the Protocol is causing societal and economic damage to the union, and will he press on with the alternative arrangements that he previously supported and signed up to?”
As Ukip welcomes Katie Hopkins as a member, Lizzie Dearden looks at the party’s journey into the far right.
Kate Hoey, the Labour Brexiteer and erstwhile minister for sport, has been criticised for sharing a fake quote about the European Union on Twitter.
They have worked out that the Good Friday Agreement scuppers their plans for a hard Brexit.
Hardline Brexiteers have been accused of “jeopardising” peace in Northern Ireland after they made dramatic claims the Good Friday Agreement was “not sustainable”. / Former Northern Ireland Secretary Lord Hain called Hoey’s intervention a “reckless slur”.
Brexiteers who claimed the NHS would receive an extra £350m after Brexit have been condemned for voting down an amendment demanding an analysis of the impact of exiting the EU on the health service.