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Downing Street has briefed the media that the British government is planning legislation purporting to give the UK the power to renege on the legally-binding Northern Ireland Brexit protocol.
Prime minister personifies British hostility to international democratic norms.
UK efforts to engage EU members unilaterally fails to understand union solidarity.
This is an edited version of the Julian Priestley Memorial Lecture delivered by the author on 7 May 2021.
Amid political quagmire, Starmer must kill false narrative about EU intransigence.
The decision to breach trust again in relation to the Northern Ireland Protocol, by acting unilaterally rather than through the agreed joint procedures, was in obvious contradiction with Frost’s subsequent appeal for good will.
A former Irish Ambassador retweeting a former French Ambassador, half in condemnation half in sorrow about the UK government. Once upon a time this would have mattered deeply to any UK government.
Shockwaves felt both sides of Irish divide over plan to renege on withdrawal agreement.
'while it is unlikely that the UK will rejoin the EU within a decade, it is equally unlikely that the issue will be not be firmly back on Britain’s political agenda within two decades. There are six reasons for this.'
Ministers ‘must not be allowed to sidestep their responsibilities,’ says Sinn Fein MP.
Concerns raised after reports negotiating team told to devise plans to ‘get around’ protocol in withdrawal agreement.