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The delay in extra checks on EU imports has been criticised by businesses for creating confusion and leaving UK borders vulnerable to unsafe produce.
A small Cambridgeshire firm claimed business has "never been so good" since Brexit - but not everything is as it seems. / An article proclaiming how small businesses have “adapted to survive and thrive after Brexit” has been widely mocked on social media.
ITV News Anglia has been catching up with small businesses across the region to find out more about what the end of the UK's membership of the European Union has meant for their fortunes.
More than 100 homes could replace a sprawling rural hostel after owners blamed Brexit for a dramatic fall-off in Eastern European workers coming to the Fens.
Delays had been expected due to Brexit and the team we eager to be hoisting the spectacular dinosaur into place in early April.
A businessman who says Brexit is destroying his business thanks to red tape has challenged the Prime Minister to try filling in the necessary customs forms.
A Brexiteer politician has called for pubs and restaurants to re-open because he claims a ‘majority don’t care about the coronavirus’.
We are a group of EU supporters from Ely and surrounding towns and villages.