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The economic fallout from leaving the EU is becoming all too apparent.
Any prospect of prime minister being invited to this week’s EU summit appears to have vanished – but Joe Biden will be there.
Michael Gold makes the case for membership of the European Economic Area, Simon Price outlines our slow economic decline after leaving the EU, and Dr David Mathieson urges Labour to rethink its policy.
Despite not seeming keen to cut VAT as per the Leave campaign promise, he took the opportunity to say this week that leaving the EU means the UK can now set its own VAT rates.
Fishing rows notwithstanding, much of Europe looks on at the UK’s plight with astonishment – and even, still, sympathy.
Labour’s shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves spoke to Channel 4 News ahead of her conference speech. She said she has “no plans whatsoever” to increase income tax adding that Brexit has “played a part” in the shortage of HGV drivers causing fuel shortages and queues at petrol stations across the country.
The 4% hit to economic output envisaged by the UK’s fiscal watchdog could cost £84.5bn, Labour and Commons library research suggests.
It seems that Labour is finally getting its act together on holding the government’s feet to the fire over Brexit, after what has appeared like a few months of sidestepping the issue.
Cabinet Office used ‘unverifiable data’ to rebut a Road Haulage Association survey showing export volumes dropped by 68%
Rachel Reeves MP asks why money was given to Hutchison Ports Europe, which is advised by the former transport secretary.
Former attorney general lashes out as Tory rebellion gathers pace.
The UK's chief Brexit negotiator has said the government is not "scared" of walking away from talks without a trade deal ready to come into force in 2021.
Work on an "emergency lorry park" in Kent to accommodate up to 10,000 vehicles bound for Europe began without the knowledge of residents.
New border checks in Kent and elsewhere reverse 47 years of removal of trade barriers.
British companies trading with Europe will have to absorb a post-Brexit bureaucracy burden and fill in an extra 215m customs declarations at a cost of about £7bn a year, according to government officials.
Businesses face 400 million extra customs declarations a year at a cost up as much as £20 billion under government plans.
Cabinet Minister Michael Gove has defended his plans for new post-Brexit border infrastructure after Labour said the government was unprepared.
'This is all so pointless. We are creating a vast customs bureaucracy, with costs passed on to the consumer'
International trade secretary tells PM and chancellor plans risk smuggling and damage to UK reputation.
Michael Gove has insisted that there will be no ‘new customs infrastructure in Northern Ireland after Brexit before claiming there would be ‘some expansion of existing infrastructure’, sparking accusations of “double speak” from one Lib Dem MP.