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France will not be ‘hostages to British domestic politics’, says interior minister.
The Dublin Regulation meant that anyone who had set foot in another EU country first could be returned to that country, but this law no longer stands. Those who make the crossing know it will be difficult for Britain to return them to France.
Despite promises by the home secretary to make the route across the Channel "unviable", the number of people completing the crossing has reached record highs.
Just five people have been sent back this year, against 289 last year when UK was part of EU returns deal.
“Everyone here is saying to me that because of Brexit it is much easier to find safety in the UK,” one refugee said.
Outside EU, people can no longer be returned to other European countries under legislation known as Dublin regulation.
UK set to lose right to transfer refugees to other EU countries under Dublin regulation.
Downing Street has said that Brexit will make it easier to tackle the issue of migrants trying to cross the English channel, but experts have warned it will be more difficult.