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European Commission says failure to apply customs rules in Northern Ireland “significantly increases the risk of smuggling”.
The European Commission has launched four new legal actions against the UK government for breaking parts of the Northern Ireland Brexit deal.
Literature lovers in Spain are among those feeling the post-Brexit pinch, forced to pay more for books they love due to customs charges.
This frustrated business owner who voted for Brexit because she was "fed up with the bureaucracy" of the EU now has "more of it" as her business struggles to cope with additional costs and delays.
When the Brexit transition period ended, new barriers for UK-EU trade were introduced.
“No part of the angling industry has remained unaffected by Brexit,” said Angling Times tackle editor Mark Sawyer. “The dream of Brexit sadly hasn’t been a reality for the angling trade, and while there are other issues such as the pandemic and shipping costs, Brexit has been an exacerbating factor.”
Customs duties paid by UK businesses have jumped 64 per cent to a record £4.5bn in the year to 31 January 2022, up from £2.9bn in the previous 12 months, according to new research shared with City A.M. this afternoon.
Industry condemns ‘simplification’ of duty touted by Boris Johnson as key benefit of Brexit.
Touring artists expecting a "rocky road in the summer" as more problems emerge.
Customs duty collected on goods imported from abroad jumps as a result of Brexit.
Freight forwarding association Clecat has urged the UK government not to further postpone introduction of post-Brexit import controls, despite polls suggesting a lack of preparedness.
People looking to send gifts abroad this Christmas have alarmingly little understanding of how to navigate the customs rules and charges introduced when the UK left the European Union, new Which? research can reveal.
An increase in red tape and charges means headaches for those sending gifts to Europe.
Finally – a Visa-free aspect to Brexit. At least that’s what the deluded Dominic Raab is likely to tell you...
In some cases VAT and customs duties may be payable on items as of this year but this should not apply to small gifts.
Anyone ordering goods from the EU in 2021 has likely come in for a nasty shock to the wallet.
Dealerships in Northern Ireland are on the verge of running out of used vehicles due to issues surrounding Brexit, Car Dealer has been told.
"Brexit is very damaging to this country and it is only going to get worse," she said.
With less than 100 days to go until Christmas, HMRC is urging shoppers to ensure they don’t get caught out by unexpected charges when buying from overseas traders.
WITH just 100 days to go until Christmas, HMRC is urging shoppers to ensure they don’t get caught out by unexpected charges when buying from overseas traders.
Which? said shoppers buying from the EU could face additional fees of up to £300 this Christmas.
The price of a container of imported fish has jumped by £11,000 - just don't mention the B word!
UK taxes on EU imports have increased hugely since the former’s official exit from the Union at the end of 2020.
UK businesses and consumers have paid 42% more in customs duties on goods since Brexit came into force on January 1 2021, it has been claimed.
Customs duties rose to record £2.2bn in first six months since trade deal came into effect on 1 January.