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Three years after Brexit, Scotland’s fishing and seafood industries are still snarled in costly red tape, worker shortages and disappointing catch quotas, leaders warn.
Some of these are hopefully short-term issues and can be recovered from. Another problem, however, is contributing to the hardship faced by Scottish households and will do so for the long term: Brexit.
Depopulation has become a “significant” problem in areas from the islands to rural areas all over the country outside the central belt. / Poor ferry services, ongoing road issues, Brexit and immigration were all blamed during a Holyrood debate on Wednesday.
MINISTERS have today unveiled plans to pilot a Scottish visa scheme to allow some businesses to recruit EU citizens and other foreign nationals following a shortage of workers in certain sectors post Brexit.
One year after Brexit, Scotland’s fishing industry is still mired in chaos, leaving many businesses fearing for their future as deliveries to Europe continue to be snarled in costly red tape and delays.
Scotland’s rural affairs secretary hit out at the UK leaving the EU two years on from the finalisation of a deal to leave the bloc.
Scotland’s Rural Affairs Secretary Mairi Gougeon was speaking ahead of an inter-governmental meeting on the two-year anniversary of Brexit.
SCOTTISH ministers have halted the construction of a customs checkpoint started as a consequence of Brexit because they say Westminster has so far declined to pay for it.
Rural affairs ministers from Scotland and Northern Ireland write to the UK Government expressing their concerns.
RURAL affairs ministers from Scotland and Northern Ireland have written to the UK Government raising concerns about the impact of the Australia trade deal on domestic farmers and producers.
One of the top Scottish seafood champions wants the new fisheries minister to visit the north-east as soon as possible to help the sector thrive post-Brexit rather than just survive.
THE SNP have slammed the UK Government after reports suggest ministers are preparing to relax post-Brexit plans for border checks on EU imports due to fears of food scarcity.