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Nearly 200,000 hospitality workers have left the UK since the pandemic, despite post-Brexit visa schemes introduced by the Government, according to Caterer.com.
"It is a really difficult time to find chefs everyone is struggling, it is a combination of Brexit and COVID. Lots of European chefs have returned to their country and there are not enough English chefs to replace them."
SCOTLAND is suffering a shortage of up to 48,000 hospitality workers as a result of the impact of Covid and new immigration rules following Brexit, according to an industry body.
With inflation set to rise, alongside the cost of shopping and transport, the economic fallout will squeeze Britons’ budgets.
RESTAURATEURS say it is becoming ‘incredibly difficult’ to run their businesses due to supply failures caused by a perfect storm of problems caused by Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.
The noodle and katsu chain’s boss Thomas Heier said he was struggling to fill chef vacancies in around 30 sites.