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Food shortages caused by Brexit give boost to the case for Scottish independence, according to polls.
ONE third of Scots say empty supermarket shelves and closed petrol station forecourts boost the case for Scotland to restore freedom of movement with the EU as an independent nation.
The UK is facing chaos. With supplies of some key goods becoming scarce, the military have been called in. Is Brexit to blame?
Lines of cars snake from gasoline stations. Fights break out among angry motorists trying to get fuel. Grocery staples are out of stock on store shelves. A charity warns that doubling heating bills will force a million households to rely on extra blankets to stay warm.
More than a third of executives cite Brexit as the ‘primary cause’ of the fuel crisis, a sign that a business backlash looms at the Conservative Party conference.
Lord David Frost will declare 'the long bad dream of EU membership is over' amid punch-ups on petrol forecourts, empty supermarket shelves and warnings thousands of pigs will be dumped in skips.
The British government is warning that the country’s fuel crisis is likely to last for another week. Gas stations across Britain have had to shut down because a lack of truckers has caused huge supply difficulties. As special correspondent Malcolm Brabant reports from Brighton, on the southern coast of England, the problems appear to be one of the side effects of Brexit.
At gas stations, there’s fuel rationing and hours-long lineups. At the supermarket, there’s sometimes no milk or meat, and warnings that Christmas turkeys may be unavailable – along with Christmas trees and many popular toys. Building materials are so scarce that construction sites have shut down.
EMPTY SUPERMARKET SHELVES, queues at petrol stations and pumps running dry is far from what one would expect from Britain in 2021.
Newspapers have splashed the UK’s struggle for fuel across their front pages as the Army mobilises to ensure petrol pumps don’t go dry.
A leading politician has slammed the Conservatives over the HGV lorry driver shortage and claimed that Brexit has played a large role in it.
The decision to limit immigration at a time of severe market shortages of drivers has escalated a squeeze into a crisis.
Ministers are saying “this won’t be as bad as the winter of discontent”. I dread to think what they’ll promise next.
The U.K. wants to issue visas for truckers to ease a shortage that’s led to gasoline stations running dry and hit food supply chains. The hard part could be persuading drivers from eastern Europe, the biggest pool of labor in recent years, to come back.
Thousands of British petrol stations ran out of fuel due to panic buying on Monday, after days of long queues at pumps caused by the lorry driver shortage. Analysts say that, in addition to Covid, the speed of the Brexit process bears a lot of responsibility for the crisis...
Labour’s shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves spoke to Channel 4 News ahead of her conference speech. She said she has “no plans whatsoever” to increase income tax adding that Brexit has “played a part” in the shortage of HGV drivers causing fuel shortages and queues at petrol stations across the country.
Gas stations across Great Britain are running dry due to a post-Brexit shortage of truck drivers. The government announced a plan to issue 5,000 temporary visas for truckers.
Downing Street was hoping to entice EU drivers back to Britain to fix the HGV driver shortage.
‘The effect of the British Government’s offer to go and work in the UK for three months is going to be nil’
UK’s exit from EU ‘no doubt will have been a factor’, transport secretary concedes.
Olaf Scholz, poised to become next chancellor, wades into row over HGV driver shortage.
The government is planning a temporary scheme to make it easier for foreign lorry drivers to work in the UK.
"#Newsnight was the first TV programme to highlight this in the summer... the government could have acted then." / As BP closes sites due to a lack of lorry drivers, the Road Haulage Association's Rod McKenzie says issues are down to Brexit, the pandemic and a historic shortage
The oil giant has warned the Government it will struggle to keep supplies topped up and called on ministers to change jobs rules for drivers.