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"Just 25 years ago one in four British beaches were too dirty to swim in. Now 95 per cent of our beaches have a clean bill of health."
Emails sent by Paul Ritchie included references to murdered politician Jo Cox.
A Brexit supported businessman who bombarded MPs with a string of ‘vile’ emails including death threats has been jailed for a year.
A self-confessed “angry man” who threatened to decapitate former Speaker John Bercow and said Jeremy Corbyn “should be hung” in a five-month tirade of abuse over Brexit is facing jail.
A man accused of sending “horrifically offensive” death threats to senior MPs including Jeremy Corbyn and John Bercow over Brexit has appeared in court for the first time today.
Paul Ritchie, 34, is accused of sending a stream of threats to prominent politicians including Amber Rudd, Jo Swinson, Chuka Umunna and Dominic Grieve
The PM said the Labour leader should reconsider plans to extend the franchise to EU nationals living in the UK if the vote goes ahead.
Labour leader says documents leave Boris Johnson’s denials on post-Brexit US trade deal ‘in tatters’.
Secret documents detailing plans for a post-Brexit US trade deal, which Jeremy Corbyn today claimed show a Tory plot to sell off the NHS, were first published online over a month ago but went almost entirely unnoticed.
Jeremy Corbyn has released uncensored official documents which he says provides confirmation that the NHS is on the table in trade talks with the USA.
Shadow chancellor refuses to say which side he will back but says he will not follow Jeremy Corbyn in staying neutral.
Taoiseach says Corbyn’s renegotiation plan would not be a problem.
Brexit Party leader says his climbdown is best way of preventing a second referendum.
The Labour leader suggested he would not seek to introduce a new immigration regime for EU citizens.
Jeremy Corbyn insisted there is nothing new in the plans sent to Brussels this week.
The chances Boris Johnson could face a vote of no-confidence have just shot up.
Boris Johnson is threatening to sabotage the EU to make it cave in on a Brexit deal – or reject MPs’ plan to stop the UK crashing out of the bloc.
Jeremy Corbyn and other party leaders commit to voting down snap election plan on Monday
Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson will suspend Parliament for more than a month before Brexit, enraging opponents and raising the stakes in the country's most serious political crisis in decades.
Labour's leader weighed in as No10 and Home Secretary Priti Patel prepare to announce new plans for immigration in a No Deal Brexit.
Labour leader demands transparency for public and business.
Corbyn says claims that leaked dossier warning of no-deal chaos is outdated ‘can’t be trusted’.
NHS will be sold off to US private healthcare firms if Britain crashes out, says Labour leader.