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People employed to deal with new border checks in Hull which were subsequently shelved by the government have been made redundant, it has been revealed.
Repeated delays in implementing Brexit border controls mean that the state-of-the-art facility at Hull is standing empty, at great expense. / It cost £15.3mn to build and should have started being used earlier this month. Instead, the new state-of-the-art border control post (BCP) at Hull’s King George Dock stands empty...
Spare capacity at Hull's port is being used to avoid the type of congestion seen on roads leading to some Channel ports caused by new customs controls after Brexit.
One in three jobs have been lost at a food importing business in Hull despite a pre-pack administration which has saved 32 jobs.
Documentary checks will start in three weeks. / In January, physical inspections will follow. / Before Brexit, no import checks were necessary with the UK being part of the EU’s frictionless cross-border trading model.
The UK’s departure from the EU was supposed to reinvigorate our fishing industry. Instead, it has forced the country’s last distant-water trawler to sit idle.
The sale of a Hull-registered trawler, with the loss of 25 local jobs, to Greenland, has been described as “a foretaste of what might happen to other distant-waters vessels” if the government does not change course.
A deal to allow UK trawlers to fish in Norwegian waters will not happen until at least next year, an MP has claimed.
The Hull-based Kirkella, would catch 10 per cent of fish sold in UK chip shops before it fell victim of failed post-Brexit negotiations with the Norway.
The sea of opportunity that Brexit was supposed to deliver has certainly dried up for Yorkshire’s fishermen. News that the UK and Norway have failed to reach a fishing deal for this year means boats like the Hull-based Kirkella remain tied up, possibly for good.
Exclusion from Norwegian seas could be ‘nail in coffin’ for distant-water fleet.
Spencer Group is working round the clock on a time-critical project to deliver new border checkpoints at the Humber ports.
UK Fisheries boss describes Norwegian trip as a sticking plaster as new agreement awaited for North Atlantic waters
Chemical companies, facing costly new regulations and extra tariffs, are looking to the continent.
Four ferry firms have landed government contracts worth a total of £77.6m to provide post-Brexit freight capacity.
New services provided to ease expected congestion at Kent ports
It will play a key role in providing extra border checks.
Four sites in Kent - with capacity to hold thousands of lorries - have already been mapped out, to ease the pressure on major Channel ports like Dover.
The Hull and East Yorkshire for Europe Branch of the European Movement believes in the importance of the United Kingdom being within the European Union. We firmly believe in the fact that membership of the European Union helps safeguard our rights and freedoms, as well as provide social and economic partnerships that otherwise would be difficult, expensive or impossible.