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One in 10 Europeans in Britain have been wrongly told to provide proof of settlement despite it not being requirement until after Brexit, research suggests.
Arron Banks has apologised after Leave.EU tweeted a xenophobic meme of Angela Merkel that invoked Britain’s world war victories to target the German chancellor.
'You’re wishing a potentially fatal accident onto a sixteen year old girl, why?'
Ukip’s new leader, Richard Braine, has said he is “getting a bit fed up” with people making fun of his name.
GDP shows negative growth for first time in nearly 7 years.
Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe has attracted ridicule after she compared Britain’s departure from the European Union to slaves rising up against their owners.
Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe has been criticised for comparing the UK leaving the EU to "slaves" rising up "against their owners".
Campaign groups prepare legal challenge following ‘systemic denial’ of suffrage. / The government is facing the prospect of being sued by campaigners for EU citizens in the UK and British nationals abroad who were denied a vote in the European parliament elections.
Some are being told the problems are due to the election only being confirmed at the last minute. / EU citizens have reported being turned away at polling stations for the European elections, despite being registered to vote.
A man and a woman have been arrested after a "civil war" threat was allegedly sent to Anna Soubry, Chuka Umunna, David Lammy, Angela Smith and Sarah Wollaston.
Jeremy Corbyn’s unwillingness to back a second referendum could lead to a near-fatal split in the Labour Party, David Lammy has warned.
MPs accuse transport secretary of dangerous scaremongering in attempt to prop up PM’s deal
"Blame us. Blame Westminster. Do not blame Brussels for our own country's mistakes and do not be angry at us for telling you the truth. Be angry at the chancers who sold you a lie."