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“Brexit is having a worse impact on Scottish exports than the pandemic has," said Mhairi Black.
ALISTER Jack has been told to apologise to the people of Scotland for the "unmitigated disaster" of Brexit as he faced angry MPs in the Commons.
Some institutions faced insolvency last year, the report from the Scottish Affairs Committee adds.
EUROPE will welcome back Scotland with open arms – that’s the message of a stirring new video that has captivated social media users.
Speakers past and present have criticised Brexiteer Dominic Raab's suggestion that he could prorogue parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit against the wishes of MPs if he becomes prime minister.
The Speaker of the House, John Bercow, says ending the current session of Parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit is "simply not going to happen".
He was leading the SNP's response in the debate on the meaningful vote. Wishart described the "isolating ugliness" of Brexit, and showed how Scotland has been shamefully sidelined.
Speaking during a debate on Theresa May's deal, he responded to Environment Secretary Michael Gove. "The one line I enjoyed best out of all of this, and it was the way he told it: 'The EU will look on enviously at the UK with this Brexit'. You could almost hear the shrieks of laughter coming across the North Sea and the English Channel as they observe the plight of this pitiful nation."