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A Brexit supporter who sent death threats and racist messages to MPs has been jailed.
A Ukip election candidate has refused to apologise for sending a rape tweet to Labour’s Jess Phillips, as the anti-EU party kicked off its European election campaign at a chaotic event.
US House of Representatives speaker visited the Irish border on Thursday morning.
Sir Ivan Rogers says EU could 'pull the plug' on talks. / The desire of Tory leadership candidates to appeal to the party’s Brexiteer grassroots could “wreck” any chance of the UK securing a trade deal with the EU, the former British ambassador to Brussels has warned.
Tom Watson has called for a judicial inquiry into the activities ahead of the Brexit referendum of the Leave.EU campaign and its main backer, Arron Banks, after claims the group faked a video and photos connected to migrants.
Campaign group led by former Ukip donor Arron Banks accused of 'fake news' over viral video. / Pro-Brexit campaign group Leave.EU has been accused of faking a viral video of illegal "migrants" and forging images purporting to show immigrants committing violent crimes.
Speaker of the US House of Representatives says peace treaty could not be 'bargained away in another agreement'. / Nancy Pelosi has said there will be no chance of a US trade deal with the UK if the Good Friday Agreement is undermined by Brexit.
The European Parliament has approved new EU rules to protect workers in the so-called "gig economy". / The law sets minimum rights and demands increased transparency for those in "on-demand" jobs, such as at Uber or Deliveroo.
An investigation by Channel 4 News also reveals how Arron Banks’ pro-Brexit group appears to have staged photos of migrants attacking women in London.
A leading Ukip MEP made a speech to a pro-apartheid club of expat South Africans that has far-right links and calls Nelson Mandela a terrorist, it has emerged.
Environmentalists fear Northern Ireland could be left behind when it comes to protecting important species and habitats after Brexit. Much of the current protection is based on EU law, backed up by the threat of fines from a European court.
Three female MEPs have quit UKIP after the party's leader Gerard Batten defended a candidate's comments about rape as "satire".
The private gaming community used by a YouTube star-turned-UKIP-candidate to recruit supporters for his European election campaign is rife with white supremacism, anti-Semitism, support for the Christchurch mosque terrorist, and discussions about murdering members of the European parliament.
The United States would not strike a wideranging trade deal with Britain after Brexit if a hard border was restored between Ireland and Northern Ireland, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said on Monday.
Eight out of 10 finance leaders expect long-term environment to be worse.
Public at risk from delays in identifying unsafe goods if UK leaves European safety system. / Dangerous cars, electrical goods and toys could flood into the UK after Brexit unless the government urgently reforms the current “failing” safety enforcement system, a consumer group warned on Monday.
Ecotricity founder Dale Vince has today celebrated the delay of Brexit by hanging a 10 metre EU flag from the front of his headquarters in Stroud. / "Europe has been a force of incredible good at home, and around the world – probably the most progressive collection of states anywhere in the world."
Former Tory deputy prime minister says targeting "foreigners and the elite" has a "chilling appeal". / Former Tory deputy prime minister minister Michael Heseltine has warned of the “chilling” similarity between the “extremes of the ’30s” and today’s political crisis in the UK.
Ukip leader Gerard Batten has described a rape tweet sent by one of his party’s election candidates to Labour MP Jess Phillips as satire.
Document written by left-wing allies is endorsed by every sitting Labour MEP set to contest their seat.
Brexit remains mired in fantasy and nothing will change until somebody manages to make connections to economic reality.
Ex-cabinet minister Stephen Dorrell announces switch to Change UK, as Conservatives fall to a five-year polling low.
Party must show how it spent £300,000 on data services in run-up to 2016 vote and 2015 election.
Prime minister’s plan to lift mood after Brexit is set to clash with anniversary of Irish civil war.