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Consumers could face meat, fish, fruit and vegetable shortages and higher prices.
The report by Scotland's chief economist makes a series of dire predictions.
Food and drink production will be more expensive due to a combination of higher tariffs and new regulatory checks, experts warned.
UK bank preparing of economic slowdown and rising unemployment
Britain’s second largest insurer will move the money one minute before the UK leaves EU on 29 March.
Work with European countries to prevent abuse and exploitation is vital, they say.
Nicola Sturgeon is to speak out against the end of freedom of movement - warning it will damage the workforce, our universities and health and social care.
With fears over manufacturing costs and future investment, here’s what firms are doing.
Britons face the very real prospect of food shortages if the Government fails to secure a Brexit deal before 29 March.
The European Commission has issued a fresh warning that it will not reopen the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement as Theresa May prepared for further talks in Brussels.
Both main parties are being ‘manipulated by fringe opinion’ says former prime minister as he condemns ‘extreme’ Tory MPs’ ‘intransigence’.
Efforts to encourage EU citizens to stay in Scotland after Brexit are to be stepped up, Nicola Sturgeon is to tell members of the French parliament.
Environment secretary confirms UK will impose tariffs on EU imports in bid to protect farmers.
Diplomats suggest Britain’s leverage on world stage will be weaker after EU departure. / Brexit is already leading to a “palpable decline” in British influence at the UN, and that influence would be in freefall but for the UK’s commitment to spend 0.7 % of gross national income on overseas aid, a study has found.
Falling value of pound contributes to UK drivers paying up to £98 more per month for cars.
Everything you need to know about the hits business has taken.
Toto Wolff believes Brexit will leave British-based Formula One teams at a major disadvantage – and a no-deal outcome would be a nightmare for the industry.
Research by Unesco chiefs highlights risk to peace in event of rushed border poll.
Simon Coveney reportedly clashed with Jeremy Hunt over UK’s alleged attempts to isolate Ireland.
Minister says no deal is in place for extradition, data sharing and arrest warrants after Brexit.
Tariffs ranging from 2% to 20% will be passed on to consumers, says frozen food specialist.
According to reports he would legally share with his senior executives Andy Currie and John Reece, between £1bn and £10bn tax-free.
Car manufacturer becomes latest to cut jobs or shift production elsewhere amid Brexit uncertainty.
Japanese firm to shut plant in 2022 but maintain its European HQ near Bracknell in Berkshire.
Trade talks will go ahead despite reported dismay at language used by Liam Fox and Jeremy Hunt.