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The UK’s Brexit Minister has written to the EU encouraging it to agree to ‘ring-fence’ the rights of Britons living abroad in the EU and EU citizens abroad in the UK – however contrary to some reports, the EU has issued no response to this as yet.
Nigel Farage has opened the door to a pact with Boris Johnson to deliver a no-deal Brexit, in a move that will alarm moderate Conservatives.
The SNP’s Westminister leader Ian Blackford refused to back down after calling Boris Johnson “racist”, which caused uproar during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.
Legal bid driven by concerns that process had been halted by ‘political sensitivities’. / A group including three MPs has begun a legal bid to challenge police over delays to the investigation into alleged offences by leave campaigners in the Brexit referendum.
Backers of second referendum express disappointment as Labour leader reiterates his position.
Prof David King, the former chief scientist, has expressed alarm at the prospect of Boris Johnson becoming prime minister because the Tory MP oversaw “devastating” cuts in efforts to tackle the climate crisis when he was foreign secretary and then wanted to hush them up.
The U.K.’s former ambassador to the European Union blasted the “denial, delusion-mongering and deception” in British politics, which he predicts is leading the country to a damaging no-deal Brexit.
The European Commission has noted a “lack of progress” in talks with Switzerland over a new institutional framework deal, a top official said on Tuesday.
The "shambles" in Westminster is driving curiosity in Welsh independence, former first minister Carwyn Jones has said. / Mr Jones will take part in a debate organised by a pro-independence group at the National Eisteddfod, in August.
Germany lined up behind other EU states and official to warn that a new UK prime minister will not be able to renegotiate the Brexit withdrawal agreement struck between the EU and Theresa May.
Michel Barnier said in his letter to the Brexit secretary that citizens’ rights could not be picked apart from the withdrawal agreement.
Britain is being led to a no-deal Brexit by a political elite “which has great difficulties discerning and telling the truth”, the UK’s former ambassador to the EU has said, in a withering assessment of the Conservative candidates vying to be prime minister.
Conservative party members would happily the support break-up of the United Kingdom, “significant damage” to the British economy, and even the destruction of their own party in order to secure Brexit, a poll has found.
The Electoral Commission recommended the party make changes to their website to prevent overseas donors funding the party. / Nigel Farage's Brexit Party has been told to check all £2.5 million donated to it to ensure it hasn't accepted cash from foreign donors.
A YouGov poll published on Tuesday showed 54% of the party’s membership would rather the UK left the EU than the Conservative Party survive.
Political extremism has increased since the 2016 Brexit referendum, the head of terrorism investigations in the North West has told BBC Radio Manchester.
The pound dived to a near six-month low against the dollar on Monday as concerns grew that arch-Brexiteer Boris Johnson will replace Theresa May as prime minister as he remains far ahead of his rivals in the race to lead their ruling Conservative Party.
Warning for Boris Johnson amid growing expectation Speaker Bercow will help MPs. / Michael Gove has warned Boris Johnson that parliament should be given a veto over a no-deal Brexit.
Boris Johnson has been accused of giving MPs contradictory promises on Brexit to win their votes, as one of his highly Eurosceptic backers warned that hardliners want to see him effectively tear up Theresa May’s deal with the EU.
Dublin will not give up on the Northern Ireland backstop clause in Britain’s EU Withdrawal Agreement, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has warned.
Boris Johnson once called for Scottish people to be blocked from becoming prime minister because "government by a Scot is just not conceivable."
The number of EU countries on board with a pledge to go carbon neutral by 2050 has grown rapidly in recent months – with 18 out of 28 now supporting the policy.
Rory Stewart has claimed up to 100 Conservative MPs would vote with him to stop Boris Johnson carrying out a no-deal Brexit – but ruled out joining with Labour to topple his government.
The South American customs pact Mercosur and the EU are “very close” to a far-reaching free trade accord, Brazil’s foreign minister said, a deal that would serve as a powerful counterpoint to growing tensions in global trade.
Spectre of Iraq War intelligence misuse raised at EU council meeting. / There was strong support among EU countries for an independent UN investigation and calls for more evidence – with the UK relatively isolating in its support the Trump administration’s line.