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Britain and the EU are holding negotiations over the issue but Brussels is expected to maintain a hardline until the autumn.
British car factories will be forced to close with the loss of thousands of jobs if the UK government does not renegotiate its Brexit deal immediately, automaker Stellantis has warned.
The current Brexit deal is “unrealistic and counterproductive” for electric car manufacturing and needs to be changed, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has warned.
The UK is accused of being ‘asleep at the wheel’ when it comes to industrial policy around new electric car and battery tech.
The future of electric vehicle production in the UK is under threat unless the Government reworks the Brexit deal, Vauxhall parent Stellantis has warned.
The UK is struggling to build a battery industry—and its new isolation isn't helping.
Many electric vehicles made and sold in the UK and Europe are set to become more expensive from 2024, which will delay price parity with petrol and diesel cars, it has emerged.
David Bailey looks at the implications of BMW’s decision to stop producing the electric MINI at its Oxford plant and sets out what the decisions tells us about the UK automotive industry post-Brexit.
“The irony is the North East of England swung the vote to leave the EU. They will be the most effected. I believe Nissan cars will soon be non-competitive to EU customers due to import duty. This will effect jobs in the NE not just at Nissan but at all their subcontractors/suppliers.”
Brexit has damaged the UK's position as a gateway to Europe for imported goods and increased red tape.
Nissan has decided to produce its battery-powered Ariya sport utility vehicle in Japan, rather than in the U.K., the company said Thursday.
Tariffs on exports to the EU would force car maker to move production elsewhere, says.
Tariff hit for electric vehicles likely to be £2,800 per car, with risks to UK’s net zero plans.
Japan said UK-EU deal was still crucial for Japanese business, especially its carmakers.
The European Union is about to formally reject a UK plea for special allowances for exports of electric cars in a post-Brexit trade deal.
Warning from head of North East England Chamber of Commerce is echoed by other organisations.
Louise Brown, who organised the vigil, said a 'no deal' Brexit and trade deal between the UK and Japan need to be secured.
Nissan warns its Sunderland plant in the UK would be ‘unsustainable’ without an EU trade deal
Even if there is no second wave of coronavirus to shut down factories once again, British car production in 2020 will only recover to about a half of last year’s figure, says industry body.
Britain's biggest car plant has so far weathered the coronavirus pandemic and a major corporate restructuring. But it may not survive Brexit.
The UK's largest car manufacturing plant is "unsustainable" if the UK leaves the European Union without a trade deal, owner Nissan says.
If no trade deal is reached, cars made in the UK and exported to the EU would be subject to a 10 per cent tariff.
Nissan Motor Co. gave the starkest warning yet on the future of the Japanese group’s car factories in Western Europe, with a plant in the U.K. threatened by Brexit and another in Spain suffering from a slump in demand.