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Helmuth Porschen ponders the fate of UKCA and wonders why the government can’t persuade the rest of the world to adopt British standards.
An organisation which represents medicines wholesalers says supplying Northern Ireland remains "challenging, problematic and inefficient".
There are growing post-Brexit differences between which medicines are approved for use in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, research from a health think tank indicates.
As of December 2022, UK companies importing medicines from the EU may need to set up new batch testing facilities. What will this mean for the industry and how did the situation come about?
Six years after the referendum we can disentangle the evidence and judge the effects on health and care, says Richard Vize.
Fears extra expense and paperwork caused by Brexit will make Britain unattractive to global drugmakers.
BREXIT is causing “damage across the board” to UK science, including missing out on more than £1 billion in funding, campaigners have warned.
A new EU directive is allowing member states to remove the charge for ‘supply and installation of solar panels’.
There are a number of measures that the UK Government must take in order to address the challenges of leaving the EU's single market.
Britain must work with other countries to prevent friction on medicine rules post-Brexit to avoid being sidelined by the global drug industry, according to a report from the U.K.’s biggest pharmaceutical lobby group.
Trade unions and regulatory experts warn that budget and staff cuts may lead to drug approval delays or the UK regulator simply rubber-stamping EMA decisions.
Relocation to Amsterdam will give better access to European markets ‘regardless of Brexit outcome’.
Education secretary lauds vaccine rollout saying scientists in UK better than in France, Belgium or US.
A coronavirus vaccine could be ready for approval in a year’s time in an “optimistic scenario”, the European Medicines Agency has said.
More than three quarters of the public think the UK should participate in EU schemes to secure vital protective equipment, as it emerged ministers passed on three opportunities to take part.
Experts warn that European Medicines Agency membership would have had advantages.
And it will cost more here because of the UK pulling out of the European Medicines Agency on 30 December.
The coronavirus should remind us of just why international cooperation is so important in reducing the threat of infectious disease.
In the political realm, no one knows how Brexit’s long-running theater of the absurd will end. But for much of the business world, Britain’s departure from the European Union has effectively happened.
With fears over manufacturing costs and future investment, here’s what firms are doing.
The divorce from the EU looks set to be delayed and could be softened or even abandoned, but the cost of separation is already apparent.
European Medicines Agency heads for Amsterdam 63 days before Brexit.
Dutch officials handed over a pair of clogs and the keys to the European Medicines Agency’s temporary base in Amsterdam on Wednesday as the watchdog prepares to leave London after Brexit.