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Former prime minister declares that trade deal is off the table until problems are solved.
Boris Johnson’s plans to tear up post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland have come under fierce attack from Washington, with senior congressmen on both sides of the US political divide warning the “irresponsible” move is a threat to peace in the province.
A bipartisan US congressional delegation is due to meet Irish premier Micheal Martin in Dublin.
The United States will delay its deal to remove tariffs on UK steel and aluminum because of concerns about post-Brexit trade rules affecting Northern Ireland, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday.
Members of the US Congress are to receive a briefing today on the latest Brexit developments from Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney and European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič.
This follows Britain’s move to postpone customs checks on goods entering the North from Britain. / Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney and EU commissioner Maros Sefcovic are scheduled to brief the Friends of Ireland caucus on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, amid concern in Washington about Britain’s decision to delay the implementation of a key part of the Brexit agreement.
Remarks come as foreign secretary Dominic Raab visits Washington for meetings with senior US politicians.
Legal action is also reportedly being considered by Brussels, and a top Democrat has warned a UK-US trade deal is at risk.
Britain must ‘respect the Northern Ireland Protocol as signed with the EU’, House speaker says.
‘I can’t believe that any side would be acting in such a cavalier way when we're talking about a fragile peace in the North of Ireland’
THE US House of Representatives' foreign affairs committee has unanimously passed a resolution reaffirming support for the Good Friday Agreement.
Richard Neal says US is a ‘guarantor’ of agreement and will not see it compromised.
Democrats have warned future UK trade deal with US post-Brexit must uphold agreement.
US House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi has said there will be "no chance" of US-UK trade deal if Brexit compromises the Good Friday Agreement.
A leaked cross-government study warning of the impact of a no-deal Brexit outlines a "worst-case scenario", cabinet minister Michael Gove has said.
White House trade pledge empty without backing from pro-Irish House Speaker.
A US-UK trade deal will not get through Congress if Brexit undermines the Good Friday Agreement, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives has said.
Senior US politician says Brexit cannot be allowed to imperil Good Friday agreement.
America Letter: Congress members voice support for backstop and Belfast agreement. / This week the issue of Brexit made it across the Atlantic as members of US Congress voiced their concern about its impact on Northern Ireland.
"There is bipartisan consensus against blowing up the Good Friday agreement."
Several members of the US Congress have sent a letter to the British Prime Minister Theresa May warning about the potential consequences of the return of a hard border on the island of Ireland.
A resolution has been introduced in the US Congress opposing the return of a hard border on the island of Ireland.