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The shadow Northern Ireland secretary appeared alongside Charlie McConalogue at a Business Post event in London.
Party hopes to attend meetings of EU foreign affairs council should it win UK election.
Wales’ role in UK-EU relations has greatly diminished since Brexit, with open democratic debate replaced by diktat and decisions made in the shadows, MSs warned.
Policymakers in the UK have to adjust to the reality of no longer setting international standards. The UK no longer offers markets of bulk. Nor does it have recognised high standards that others are keen to adopt.
The government has quietly admitted Singapore-on-Thames is dead.
Rejection of regular EU talks and Horizon dithering prove the PM is running scared of his party’s lunatic fringe.
Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have increasingly become influential in Brussels and beyond.
UK scientists had been shut out of the multibillion-euro scheme amid drawn-out Brexit negotiations.
According to a poll carried out by the Savanta data research group, more people in the UK believe Brexit has damaged the country's economy and influence on the world stage with indicators pointing towards a growing appetite for a second referendum on EU membership.
UK PM’s claim China breaking international agreement over Hong Kong provokes response from embassy.
Nicholas Walton gives up leadership of €2.8m pan-European research after dispute over Northern Ireland protocol.
Tearing up Northern Ireland protocol ‘will spark trade war, drive up inflation and damage UK influence’, warns senior Tory MP.
Airmic, the UK association for risk and insurance professionals has said that Brexit is threatening the London Markets influence in the global industry.
A former Conservative leader asked how the UK could “reproach” Russia, China and Iran for their conduct when it was prepared to break international laws.
‘I want to awaken you to an opportunity’, Penny Mordaunt tells US audience – after Joe Biden slammed the brakes on talks.
It wasn’t just bad for Britain, says Australia’s former prime minister – Brexit hurt the liberal democratic order as well.
Former deputy prime minister says we ‘must restore Britain’s position in the corridors of European power’.
Analysts in Europe say Britain committed “Anglo-Saxon suicide” when it voted for Brexit.
Brexit minister says EU move would be to the detriment of viewers but admits UK is powerless to prevent it.
‘Morass’ of future talks looms, but status of EU posting has been ‘downgraded’ – and a brain drain is likely, according to think tank
Britain faces a tough challenge to retain global influence after its departure from the EU under a prime minister who has a well-known reputation for “lying”, France’s former ambassador to the UK told Agence France-Presse (AFP) in an interview.
Nancy Pelosi among those to highlight the issue, while UK representative says he hopes it is a case of ‘quality over quantity’.
The UK does "not have as much influence or as much voice" within a major European law enforcement agency post-Brexit, says a police chief.
The UK will have to “fight its way to the table” as US-president elect Joe Biden seeks to rebuild American relations around the world, according to a study.
Biden likely to look towards EU - not the UK - as its key partner in a number of strategic areas.