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'There's always someone saying the EU is going to break up but it's more robust than ever'
English wine producers look set to pass up the chance to sell wine by the pint, despite a triumphant announcement from the government that it had given them the “Brexit freedom” to do so.
Supporters of the European Convention on Human Rights must seize the moment and confront right-wing propaganda demanding the UK leaves it now - or risk a Brexit-style disaster, argues Kevin Maguire.
The drumbeats get louder as the call of the wild pulses through the blood of the Conservative party again. The front page of the Telegraph on Thursday splashes, “Cabinet call on PM to ditch ECHR”. On their headcount, a third of the British cabinet want to join Russia and Belarus as pariah states outside the European convention on human rights.
The European Court of Human Rights is still relevant to the UK, despite the country leaving the EU. / Certain Conservative MPs ... have called for the UK to leave the human rights convention, which would make Britain one of the few European nations, alongside Russia and Belarus, outside of ECHR.
‘Nothing less than the future of democracy is at stake’ says Caroline Lucas as a cross-party coalition and The Citizens win an unprecedented hearing over electoral safety and national security.
Tobias Ellwood claims there is an ‘appetite’ in Britain to make ‘course corrections’ to the current Brexit model.
Government’s Brexit push to bring back Winston Churchill’s favourite champagne measure met with indifference.
Emmanuel Macron’s attack on UK’s failure to implement Brexit deal wrecks claims of G7 ‘harmony’.
JOE Biden will tell Boris Johnson not to let the row over Northern Ireland's Brexit arrangements put the Good Friday Agreement at risk when the pair meet today.
In an extraordinary diplomatic rebuke a senior US diplomat accused the UK's Brexit Minister of 'inflaming tensions' over Northern Ireland in a trade row.
His criticism in 1995 chimed with No 10 misgivings over ownership of PM records, National Archives show.
European Movement’s Brexit Watch initiative aims to highlight impact of EU withdrawal on communities
Bob Geldof has accused MPs betraying Winston Churchill through their use of language, as he hit out at a lack of political leadership.
Nicholas Soames, the grandson of Britain's World War Two leader Winston Churchill, will be expelled from the Conservative Party after voting against Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Brexit.
The Tory grandee excoriated Mr Rees Mogg after he was accused of contemptuous behaviour during a key Brexit vote this this week.
Sacked Tory MP of 37 years Sir Nicholas Soames has torn into Boris Johnson in a scathing interview, declaring the country’s leader “nothing like” his grandfather Winston Churchill.
Critics say No 10 move to quit bloc’s institutional structures leaves UK blindsided. / British diplomats will pull out from the EU’s institutional structures of power in Brussels within days, under plans being drawn up by Downing Street.