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There is a “growing dissonance” between the ways financial technology (fintech) businesses are regulated in the EU and the UK, according to the compliance boss of Paysafe, a payment services firm.
Irish reunification may have seemed impossible in recent years - but one analyst believes Brexit has advanced the cause. / Brexit has arguably torn one country apart, but could it soon bring two together? Despite a troubled history between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, a new power-sharing agreement in Stormont may have significantly shifted the goalposts.
Quinlan Steele’s parents started making Milleens cheese in a saucepan in their kitchen in 1975, using milk from their dairy herd. They used to export all over the world but ‘the pandemic nearly destroyed the business’ and they turned things round by focusing exclusively on the Irish market.
New study highlights increasing importance of French market for Irish exporters. / The Republic’s bilateral trade with France has mushroomed to a record €30 billion per annum in the wake of Brexit, according to a new report.
Priti Patel’s prohibition on ‘insecure identity cards’ partly reversed by James Cleverly.
WALES and Ireland should strive for greater ties at a crucial juncture in the countries’ shared history, the Senedd heard. / Delyth Jewell led a debate on a report following an inquiry into Wales-Ireland relations.
The UK Government’s attitude to the Irish “returned a little to repellent” during Brexit, one of Tony Blair’s former top aides has said. / Alastair Campbell slammed an “almost arrogance” on the part of the current Conservative government towards Northern Ireland.
Consumers may notice some changes on some products to prevent these from being sold in Ireland.
The route is due to run out of money by the end of August. / A busy tourist project connecting Ireland's southeast with three Welsh counties will come to an end in August due to a collapse in funding.
Officials have said it would be a “terrible shame” to see a tourism initiative between Ireland and Wales close due to funding issues over Brexit.
First minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, and Scotland's deputy first minister, Shona Robinson, will be among the Celtic leaders in attendance at the first meeting of its kind.
British government is planning to introduce the controls at the end of October, with the move expected to cause delays and disruption.
The founder of homeware store Oliver Bonas has complained of the “teething problems” related to Brexit, which is making it difficult to grow his brand in Ireland.
Following the UK's departure from the EU, the route is due to run out of money by the end of August.
Celtic Routes due to run out of money at the end of August. / "As a direct result of Brexit, there will be no continuation of the Ireland Wales Cooperation Fund." / "Celtic Routes has been one of the most successful Projects that has ever crossed my desk."
79% of people in Northern Ireland want the Republic of Ireland to remain in the EU, according to an opinion poll.
Research shows about 88% of people in the Republic are in favour of retaining EU membership.
Brexit has for years been a problem for elite politicians, officials and business leaders. / Now that the final agreement has had time to bed in, the reality of it is filtering down to ordinary consumers and workers.
Due to the fact that border authorities in the United Kingdom do not accept ID cards issued in European Union countries, a large number of school children are choosing other English-speaking countries such as Ireland and Malta, with EU school travel to the UK at 61 per cent of pre-Brexit levels.
Cork Business Association president has offered to fly to England to collect the parts.
So far Irish exporters, particularly those involved in the export of food products, live animals, animal products, plants, or plant products, have been immune to the full impact of Brexit.
Ann Summers discontinued its direct selling business in Ireland last year because “higher operating costs” associated with Brexit made it “uneconomical”, according to recently filed company documents.
UK clothing and food retailer Marks & Spencer on Wednesday reported a 7.8 per cent decline in annual profit, as strong sales growth was offset by inflationary pressures and the impact of Brexit-related costs on the Irish food business.
Irish exports of food stuffs, live animals, animal products, plants, and plant products to Britain face checks at British ports for the first time at the end of October under the long delayed Brexit accords, and many traders may likely be ill-prepared, a leading expert has warned.